Control of Flamia Island


VS Yu Jing
Daimyo jonesy

Closest call of quadrant control I have ever played. First turn Tohaa had all their baggage and dominated most of the field on first turn. Yujing’s first turn did a nice amount of damage to one of my link teams that has held the center room to help contest for secure the HVT just in case I do not get my telemetry. Butt…. Jones threw in some suicidal yu jing right into the room chain rifling and blowing up left and right knocking the whole link team unconscious. Tohaa’s second turn I got a stand by link team with a kumotail to go into the center room and she rubbed everyone’s butt back to life and re connect a link team. ALSO backed up with the baggage bots in that room for unholy amounts of heavy flame throwers. I kept the rest of my army in position to hold jone’s territory to make him really fight for the quadrants. On Yujing’s second turn Jones moved up the last several suicide bombers into the room but the tohaa survived from a nice series of armor saves. The other hand… My Rasail who was also my lieutenant got raped in the face by four heavy machine gun fires going straight through his nano screen, knocking me into loss of lieutenant for Tohaa’s third turn… On Tohaa’s third turn everyone was running on one irregular order trying to push up into position before the very end of the game and also trying to make Yujing to come contest the areas that have lost to one or two lonely chaksa baggage. Yujin’s last turn ended extremely close but a Kamael sniper pegged about three or four soldiers before they entered into their quadrant zones. In the end Tohaa won with score of 8 including getting telemetry classified objective. And Yujing ended with two points of a tie on turn two and his objective which I do not remember what it was!


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