Control of Flamia Island

Of Maruts, Multiweapons, and Missiles: A Friendly Wargame

Yu Jing

A game of quarters was held at Tianxian one cold fateful night.
Confident ALEPH sallied forth to see who would test its might.
Task Force November Blue answered the call,
Streaming the State Empire’s banner ever tall.
Both forces destined to weave a festival of passion and light.

Swift Su Jian sprinted forth and and claimed the advance ground.
From which she would prove a bulwark, a tenacious iron bound.
Weibings Jade Hound and Firefly Bard followed behind
Securring the train and preparing for the fated grind.
And finally Yan Huo Hydra Mammoth came, the blue hellhound.

Swaggering Hydra Mammoth challenged his tower opposite lead.
Back and forth did bullets dance, spiraling at hyper sonic speed.
For passion, love, and justice did they thus debate,
Till as big as Achilles’s Ego was the bill to redecorate.
Finally for repairs, was the now ragged Marut forced to concede.

Atop the train wily Guilang Tiger Green placed a repeater down,
Hoping to contain the advance of beast that held ALEPH’s crown.
But ALEPH is cunning and devious as sin,
And targeted the gear to guide missiles in.
Barely did Tiger Green dodge those munitions from downtown.

Like angry wasps did the Overlord’s missiles fill the air
The Shaolin brother succumbed to more than singed hair.
Rui Shi Dazzling Fox was quelled by that storm
Thus too did Weibing Jade Hound, fall to the swarm.
With digital wink and giggle the Samekh rained despair.

Yaozao Gojira stepped forth, the tiny Atlas to carry the day
To Fox he boldly raced, putting useful Yuriko’s skills into play.
With a clang and shudder did fierce Fox rise anew,
Her swift vengeance to pay the steely and fire due.
With cold calculated precision did she sweep the Samekh away.

In this last desperate hour, did ALEPH put forth its final cold design,
The mended Marut charged Gojira, Fox, and Mammoth who held the line.
For these brave souls, the demon seeded the air with fire.
Heedless of repeaters it turned this ground into their pyre.
And thus did Gui Feng Sun, now leader, claimed the Marut with “Mine!”

Of Maruts, Multiweapons, and Missiles: A Friendly WargameOf Maruts, Multiweapons, and Missiles: A Friendly WargameOf Maruts, Multiweapons, and Missiles: A Friendly WargameOf Maruts, Multiweapons, and Missiles: A Friendly WargameOf Maruts, Multiweapons, and Missiles: A Friendly Wargame
Yu Jing

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  • Daniel Darko says:

    Take your time and write the batrep in rhyme. 🙂

    I like the look of the ALEPH army and the train.

    I have seen the the hidden X-Wing ad.

  • No.33 says:

    Truly, an epic dual to be remembered.