Control of Flamia Island

Flying Guillotine Hats!

Yu Jing
VS Combined Army
Claws of Black

(As the name suggests, the scenario played was Decapitation, and many xenos heads were claimed that day. Disclaimer: No hats were actually thrown in the making of this report.)

Despite the general call of a cease fire issued from various quarters, the CA continued their nefarious activities, and their incursions continue to plague many sites of the Island. One such incident occurred near Zhu Rong proper, and the leading Imperial Agent of the closest Imperial Service unit decided to deal with them most personally. The CA incursion force in question proved to be from the same formation that constantly harassed outlying positions at Zhu Rong, and a harsh message was to be delivered to them.

Suffice to say, although the xenos had the temerity to strike first, leading to the final redemption of some Kuang Shi, their initial attempt to assassinate the Hsien leader was foiled, and our revenge strike in response proved far more successful, breaking the Unidron team, though the Garuda ended up being regrettably scrapped. Tactical overwatch identified the Legate Hacker as the new leader of the force, and he proved difficult to reach following the initial counter attack. To its credit, it did cause the Hsien to be wounded, before retreating under the cover of Unidron plasma snipers, and activating its White Noise to deny the Hsien an easy revenge. It only delayed the inevitable, for after knocking down all visible targets through smoke cover, the Hsien herself, alongside both of her courageous Zhàn Yīng assistants, went to meet the Beastly Legate in Brutal Melee Combat…and emerged triumphant bearing its head for all to Witness! The destruction of the remaining CA machines was only a matter of formality by then, but it was nevertheless a well earned 6-1 victory. Many a foul xenos head ended up preserved as fine trophies, while the rest of their carcasses, organic or otherwise, were to end up in research labs for important studies.

Yu Jing

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