Control of Flamia Island

Haroun's Heroes 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Sgt. Schultz
VS Nomads

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“Farouk!” Haroun shouted to his engineer. “Grab that console in front of us.”

“Yessir!” The Najjarun replied and darted forward. As he did, a bright flash of light pulsed, shining straight into his eyes. “Aagh!” Suddenly blinded, he stumbled forward, reaching the console. Despite his impaired vision, he was able to activate the computer.

“Dammit!” Haroun cursed as he realized the enemy had an open shot on the engineer. “They’re holed up deep over there.” He thought for a moment before shouting to the fireteam’s machine-gunner. “Zaid! Lay down some fire. See if you can’t dislodge them.”

“Gladly! Hahaha!” The borderline insane Ghulam cackled as he opened up. A Grenzer sniper took a round to the chest and went down, but the Morlock behind him dropped a smoke grenade to conceal himself and a nearby remote.

“Excellent. The smoke will protect us as well.” Haroun said in response. “Nasreen! You got some cover. Have your team push the center.”

“Aye.” The Odalisque replied, and led her haris team into the unstable ground at the center of
the battlefield.

“Damn, these heels are killer in this loose rock.” Complained a spitfire-wielding team member.

“Can it, Faiza.” Nasreen growled.

“Alright. Aisha.” The Ghulam radioed the Al-Hawwa hidden at the enemy’s battleline. “There is a console near you that I need you to hack into. It is going to be extremely risk-”

“I got it, sir.” She cut him off. “But if I die, I’m expecting you to cover the rez.” She charged forward, blasting the Morlock with her shotgun and dived around an exploding crazy koala. Coming face to face with a Moran, Aisha took two rounds to the gut and fell, but not before jamming her data-spike into the nearby console.

“Console to our northeast.” Nasreen spoke quickly. “Interventor is on it, and we aren’t getting it. Mona, you’re up.”

“Yes, sir.” A subordinate Odalisque knelt into cover and took aim with her contender. She calmly took a breath and squeezed the trigger. A moment later, there was no computer for the enemy hacker to work with.

“Enemy in the backfield!” The Azra’il, Suleiman, shouted as he spun around and sprayed countless rounds into a nearby building. “Too close! I need backu-” Two shotgun rounds punched through his armor and he collapsed.

“Shit!” Layla shouted at the other end of the battlefield, dropping the adult magazine that had enthralled her up until this point. “Hold on, big boy, I got you!.” A tiny remote then bounded across the field to Suleiman’s side. With a surprising amount of skill, the young doctor had Suleiman back on his feet moments later. “Am I good, or am I good?”

“You are indeed good, child.” The Azra’il answered, backing up onto an elevated platform. He opened fire on the Hellcat that had downed him and removed the threat.

“Alright boys and girls.” Haroun called out over the radio. “Enemies got reinforcements on route. We got the tech we need, but we’re going to be pulling out.”

“But we’re massacring them!” Zaid howled as he spraying rounds from his machine gun despite having no target. “Let’s blast ’em while we can!”

“No, we’re hardly ‘massacring’ them, and we’re not sticking around. Get your butt in gear.” Haroun grabbed the younger Ghulam by the jacket and hauled him off.

Haroun's Heroes 2:  Electric BoogalooHaroun's Heroes 2:  Electric BoogalooHaroun's Heroes 2:  Electric BoogalooHaroun's Heroes 2:  Electric Boogaloo

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  • Sgt. Schultz says:

    I was not involved in building the terrain, but it seems to me to be a design printed onto paper and then glued onto foam board.

  • Shingen says:

    Fine report. Thanks for sharing.

    Those buildings are printed or painted in some magical way?

  • Sgt. Schultz says:

    What is truly insane is you thinking that I might actually paint. 😛

  • Cervantes says:

    Zaid is indeed insane. I hope you give him a deserving paintjob. 🙂