Control of Flamia Island

Flames of Antela

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VS Tohaa

It´s gotten quiet in Antela… The PanOceania offensive faded more and more and the Camp was secured by the Ariadnan troops which now built up fortifications to make sure that no one will overrun the walls again. But still… Flamia was a Warzone, peace was far away and so it was even more important to being very very careful. Thats why Lt. Pat Books was patrolling the outer borders of the Camp with a small Group of his Grunt Platoon. Due to the quietness he did not send the scouts out in advance [actually I missed the Infiltration rolls 4 times]… a mistake how it turned out.

On the northern borders of the Camp a huge machine like silhouette appeared which was identified as a Gorgos of the so called “human friend” Tohaa. This was clearly a violation of the Ariadnan territories. “All weapons Stand By, fire on my command, Grund Scouts, advance..:” Pat commanded his comrades from his position in the far south building. “Devil Dog Team, cover their advance!” The Marine Corps moved forward covering the moving Grunts in smoke so that the could make their way towards the Tohaa lines. All for Grunts moved up the flanks. While 2 of them took cover on a nearby vehicle, the two others made full advance into close range of the Gorgos – which immediately opened fire on the Grunts “Enemies attacking, full battle stage. Fire on your own descrition. Move, move, MOVE!” Pat ordered and made his way towards the battlefield. The two Grunts opened up their Flamers and while one of them got heavily injured by the Gorgos attack, it also fell to the two heavy flamethrowers who burned the mix of flesh and metal easily until nothing was left.

“Move up to the antennas, we need to let Command know whats happening here!” Pat gave more orders when his Grunts took over one Antenna quickly to start transmission of the emergency signal. Then they took position on a central building where the HMG went into cover and shot down two of the Tohaa Soldiers (god know what those Aliens were called like – all of em looked the same).

The Foxtrot advanced to take the central Antenna and then moving up to the Tohaa positions to place some mines when suddenly one of the Alien soldiers stepped out of cover to cut him in two halves in melee. Now Tohaa was advancing and tried to flame their way through the USARF lines. But they didn´t make their calculations with the Scouting Grunts who covered in far distance and shot down two of them with his shotgun [that was 18 inches behind cover!!]. Unfortunately the advanced medics of Tohaa revived both soldiers who then killed the Devil Dog team with their flamers. At least, with his last step, the Devil Dog killed them as well using his Chain Rifle.

“Enough, take them down, NOW!” Pat yelled into his Coms and the Grunt team advanced to not only take over the last Antenna but killing the rest of the Tohaa patrol without any mercy. The emergency signal was sent and reinforcements where sent to secure the area in case of more Tohaa troops would come.

Flames of AntelaFlames of AntelaFlames of AntelaFlames of AntelaFlames of AntelaFlames of Antela

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  • TRA852 says:

    Having checked the two army lists, I’d have hated to be the Tohaa in this game. They were getting into a heavy flamethrower fight against better armour, more flame throwers, more orders and a link team to increase this advantage. Their TAG was almost a liability given this much “fire”-power, and therefore unlikely to be able to counter the Devil-Dog team. What was the alien commander thinking. Not surprised you tabled them. Well done on a great victory!

  • Btrain says:

    Nice work, Wingman! For Dawn!

  • Sebastian says:

    You failed your Infiltration rolls again?

  • Terry Pie says:

    Nice report mate and another win! Yeah boy!

  • Stormbringer333 says:

    Loved the pictures