Control of Flamia Island

Of Attack Dogs and Cyber Cats

Yu Jing
VS Ariadna
Camo collector

“It’s good to see you alive and well Gui Feng Oda, I understand your mission to secure at Antela was a success.”

“Yes, Tai-i, I managed to not die this time.”

“Very well, please give us an overview of what happened on that mission.”

“Task Force November Blue was sent to secure a set of supplies from the Camp Antela Training Ground. Once again that trigger happy oaf, Yan Huo Hydra Mammoth was in the lead. We managed to secure the section of the operation zone south of the Train section. Two of Guilang managed to infiltrate by the eastern and western supply boxes. Mammoth himself procured a roof top in the same building as mine, while his paired Su Jian prowled just below. The rest of the troops were spread, securing our foothold before we seized the objectives.

Apparently an Ariadnan detachment was assigned to guard the supplies and made themselves known before we could sneak off with the objectives. They brought one of their primitive total reaction remotes as well as numberous hidden operatives. One particularly gutsy operative managed to sneak in just outside of our main. We caught her just in time and managed to neutralize her before she wreak havoc with her assault pistols.
With that, the Su Jian charged the Ariadnan lines. As you are well aware, those units are incredibly fast and devastating. It managed to eliminate an Anitpode controller, another assault pistol wielding bushwhacker, and two more of the Ariadnan back line and then set up in suppression on their western flank in the span of minutes. We would do well to avoid direct engagement with such assets.

I believe the Ariadnans were shocked by Su Jian’s assault and put forth a concerted effort to neutralize it. One of their American troops attempted to charge it, but was unsuccessful. He called in for artillery support which managed to put quite a dent in the machine. We were forced to pull it back to my Yaozao. I managed to patch it up, but by that time the Ariadnans had pushed forward assets to engage the western Guilang. The Guilang eventually fell but managed to place a mine to spite the machinegun wielding Spetsnaz.

On the eastern front, an Antipode hunting pack moved up, getting perilously close to the last Guilang. However, their efforts were largely stymied by a set of remotes we had guarding that flank, even managing to eliminate a sniper rifle wielding foxtrot.

Mammoth managed to make himself useful, eliminating that Spetnaz in concert with the Guilang’s mine. However, one of those Tankhunters carrying those ridiculous auto-cannons managed to sneak a shot at one of our Weibings and utterly destroyed it. Mammoth attempted to engage, but the damned fool was also taken out, leaving us without any long range weapons.

Naturally the Su Jian picked up the slack, sneaking into good range before shredding that tank hunter. She set up over watch on the western supply box with one of those creepy Kuang Shi also providing support. The Ariadnans tried to to make a play at that supply box. One of their infiltrators managed to sneak up on the Su Jian and take it out, but not the Kuang Shi who stymied their Dozer.

Most importantly the Guilang managed to secure the eastern box and set up a minefield to ward off the Antipodes. The attack dogs almost managed to engage him, but the mines and remotes managed to keep the dogs away. One came perilously close to him, but we managed to extract before then.”

“Did you manage to complete your objective?”

“Yes, I planted the information into the supply box as ordered.”


Of Attack Dogs and Cyber CatsOf Attack Dogs and Cyber CatsOf Attack Dogs and Cyber CatsOf Attack Dogs and Cyber CatsOf Attack Dogs and Cyber CatsOf Attack Dogs and Cyber CatsOf Attack Dogs and Cyber CatsOf Attack Dogs and Cyber CatsOf Attack Dogs and Cyber Cats
Yu Jing

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