Control of Flamia Island

Still Aliens in Agoge

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Combined Army
Liz Wayne
VS Ariadna

My Boyfriend wrote this:

VS Liz Wayne 1461998399

It seems the Combined Army does not care about Cease Fires, does not care about loss and does not care about not controling ground. Any Alien left alive is still resisting the humans. Aleph might deny their existence and declare Agoge conquered in their name. The Ariadnans know better. So forces are mustered against another assault. The Evac Ship, were reinforcements. It was intel given by Aleph, further diminishing the trust between Ariadna and Aleph.

[[Radio Chatter]]
Brian: Morats on the assault! Morats on the assault! Smoke on the horizon! Shots fired! Aaarghhh.
Terry: yagoats are making casualties through the smoke. Ranger be on the alert.
Ranger: no kidding just beat a daturazi in combat. HO! Hear comes another! This one chain rifles. I shoot the bastard! Armor is holding.
Jerry: spitfire found me but I dug for cover.
Lt terry: smoke is clearing, time for some payback.
Jerry, let’s take on the spitfire *powpowpow* got him.
Ranger: moving in on the last daturazi, your not smokedodging out of this one. *powpowpow* looks like I can go hunting for the yaogat sniper *powpowpow* yeah!
Lt Terry: where is that kornak fella.
Jerry: looks like he is sneaking in.firing shots.Aaarggghhh!
Ranger: moving in the backfield try taking him put from behind *lots of fire back and forth but the two guys keep each other at arms length. Some how both manage to not hit each other.
Lt terry: keep firing ranger he is coming in closer.
Ranger: Aarggh bastaard wounded me.
Lt terry: coming in closer. But ranger, you are our only hope .
Ranger: damnit *powpowpow* he *powpowpow* just *powpowpow* won’t *powpowpow* die.
Lt terry: well, he is closed in from all sides. We have to wait him out

Morats: Kornak left alive on the middle field holding 3 objective points
USARF: Ranger had rushed to the backfield and with a marauder in the first field holding 6 objective points. 3 grunts still in the DZ


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