Control of Flamia Island

Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!

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VS Ariadna

Enginering Deck at Agoge.

As the Mobile brigada with the backing of Senior Massacre and friends prepared for the mission. Did they here footsteps? Could it be the enemy was already at their doorstep?! No just a figment of the imagination. Cabaray failed his 4 inferior infiltrating grunts (Lucky me on friday the 13th!).

Sr. Massacre moved up on the right flank and popped a lot of smoke, seriously impairing the Marauders view on that flank. The EVO uploaded targeting calculations to the Reaction Zond. Which move in view on the roof of the ML carrying marauded and shot him to pieces. This was the signal for the Mobile Brigadas to move forward. Igor carrrying the HMG took point and moved towards the central building while taking out another Marauder.Meanwhile his collegue took the right flank objective. The squad moved on and positioned themselved in front of the door, which was quickly hacked. While Igor took out a grunt on the far side of the battlefield.

Cabaray’s Foxtrots move towards both objectives at his side of the table. But being lowtech. Both Foxtrots took a while to figure out the modern OS.

The mobile brigadas took the central chamber. The hacker took the objectives while the other two took cover at the entrance. The tomcat dokter on the left flank took the objective there. New targeting calculations were uploaded and the Reaction Zond managed to spot an intruding Foxtrot. Mean while Massacre moved up with his 2 Jaguars. He moved forward and rounded the corner of the central building, all while letting his new breakerrifle rip away at the Grunts (I love his new breakerrifles again the 0bts of Ariadna Grunts! Suck to be lowtech!). He took out the HMG and sniper but got too cocky and was shot down by the lone ranger.

The ariadna forces were pushed back and it was time for the lone ranger to step up. He moved towards the central building and kicked in the door! His 2 surviving grunts buddies opened fire and eventually took out the MB Hacker at the central objective. He marched in and managed to claim it, sinching his beard at the MB light flamethrower blast he got in his face.

Damn all specialist were far away. The tomcat doc made double time and manage to claim the central objective back with coverfire from the Reaction zond, all while doctering a Jaguar though his zondcat. But the lone ranger was still there…

…And tried to claim the objective again. But had trouble understanding the OS again. The tomcat threw himself in between while the Ranger got another blast of bullets and flame which is armor took. He got smashed. Being hit by his fellow MB didnt help either. The lone Ranger was at the console again. “Blasted why can’t everything just still be running on Windows ’95!” All while his armor took some more punishment. One last time… The bullets shredded his armor. The flame burst his skin to a crips and the lone ranger pressed ENTER.

With Cabaray taking 3 consoles vs my 2 and me dominating the central room and claiming my classified objective (experimental drugs). the game ended in a well deserved 5-5. The coolest draw ever.

The video included is Iron Man from Black Sabbath (Metallica cover). Which doesn’t need and explanation. Team Iron Man!

Heavy boots of lead
Fills his victims full of dread
Running as fast as they can
Iron Man lives again!

Read all about our first battle of friday the 13th here:

VS Cabaray 1463149345

Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!Capt'n Murica vs Iron Man!

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