Control of Flamia Island

Back to the front!

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VS Ariadna

Frontline at Zhurong

So it friday the 13th and it was D-day. General Cabaray set his kamikaze scotts! Most of them ran into the combined fire of my intruder and Gecko’s. All except McMurrough. See general Cabaray had revenge planned for the last time I hired McMurrough to succesfully plough through his lines.

The red Dogwarrior ran through incoming fire of the right flank and managed to gain ground on the rooftop position of my Lt. No bullets would stop him, but Lt valquez managed to dodge his chainrifles. McMurrough jumped in for the kill and obliterated my Lt, before I finally killed the beast off. Cabaray’s wulvers took to the central building.

So starting my first turn in loss of Leuitenant I online managed to move on Gecko forward for some quick kills.

The angry scotts came in again. One trew himself on crazy koalas and got evaporated in the process. This time the Grey Rifles managed to take down one of the Gecko’s and take up position a the torii gate.

Back in controle, the tomcat docter flew in and assisted the intruder back on his feet. The intruder proceeded to kill the advancing grey. Nomad forces made a small advange with the second gecko in the lead.

The last angry scott was waiting around the corner and trew himself at the light TAG. The pilot did not expect the claymore to pierce his thick armour, but he was proved wrong as the Galwinian was victorious. Cabaray move his forces to secured my left flank and bunkered down.

Seeing the opening, the alquaciles moved to the right flank in double time, managing to get behind enemy lines and attack his rearguard in the back. All clearing the way in time for a drink at Jessy’s Rocket Bar.

This was a very fun game in which Cabaray managed to push me in the defense for the first to round. Luckily I managed to exploit a little mistake which cost him the battle.
The game ended with me taking my closer zone and the further with Cabaray taking the middle. A 6 to 3 victory for the Nomads!

The second battle will be found here shortly:

The video is the Kamikaze Scottsman Scetch from Monthy Python of which the first part illustrates the first part of this battle.

Back to the front!Back to the front!Back to the front!Back to the front!Back to the front!Back to the front!Back to the front!Back to the front!

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