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Mothersday in the Motherland

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VS Ariadna

Today a played my last games of Operation Flamestrike. My archnemesis General Cabaray organized a small flamestrike/ITS tournament at his local gaming store. Unfortunately due to the timing only 2 opponents showed up. We had a blast any way.

So since I’m short on time I’ll keep it short:

We played Seize the Antennas at Agoge (we rolled off on location). I gave Cabaray the initiative. To make a last turn grab for the objectives… at least that’s what I was planning. Cabaray managed to infiltrate his 2 grunts. And completely flanked the objective at my side of the table. Since my squishy troops dislike flamethrowers, I had to deploy to the sides, with the exception of my Iguana. Which I planned firmly in the middle.

First turn Cabaray did manage to grap 2 objective but didn’t engage. But I had to hold him off to make a path for my specialists. My Intruder spnd half a turn trying and eventually succeeding in shooting down one of his grunts. My Iguana went for the other. Putting down supressive fire across the board it was back to Cabaray. That’s when the killing started… Afer that I lost almost all duals. Even with bigger chanced for me. For example one of the HMG Spetznaz mannages to win all dual even though he triggers 3 ARO’s with a total of 5 shots with resonable chances. I did manage a datascan. But in the end Cabaray grabbed all 3 antennae.

The game anded in a 9 – 1 with me completing my classified early on in the game.

Here’s the second report from today:


Mothersday in the MotherlandMothersday in the MotherlandMothersday in the MotherlandMothersday in the Motherland

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