Control of Flamia Island

Operation Crazy Horses

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Combined Army
Liz Wayne
VS Ariadna

My boyfriend wrote this:

VS Liz Wayne 1463467096

It looks like the Combined Army also knows the Battle is coming to a close. All were pockets of resistance were found, the Morats go on all out attack. Guesses are these aliens have an honor code that prevents them off surrendering or retreating. They will fight on to the bitter end. So the USARF line will be pummeled with Kamikaze actions like in the Earth History the Americans were charged by the Japanese. It will be a day of absolute chaos and small and hard fights. The lines must hold, cause after that, the smoke will clear and victory on Flamia will be finally secured.

The Morats move up the battlefield. Hoping to be the ones Alpha Striking the USARF this time. The Daturazi charge forward and Kornak and the Yaogat Spitfire take good positions to shoot incoming Ariadnans. A Daturazi pushes on the USARF left flank. The Ranger and Grunt Barry see him, but the Witch uses smoke to pass there view. He Charges the Ranger and with two mighty blows kills the Hero of USAriadna! Jerry gets the order to go round the corner with his Heavy Flamer so he can burn two Witches and a Spitfire Yaogat. The morats are unaware of the danger and decide to open fire on Jerry. It ends with everyone burned and shot. Luitenant Terry sees one option to turn this into a Ariadna victory. He stands up and faces Kornak and the Sniper. He focusses on Kornak and drops him, but the sniper takes out Terry in the proces. The Marauders are giving their lives for a Ariadna victory. Brian move across the roof to aim his Rockets at the sniper. Avenging his fallen brother. Only a Daturazi stands in the way. Deeply infiltrated he can win it for the Morats. So Tina the Grunt has to come into action. She is not much of a fighter, but a rifle is a rifle. She shoots at the Daturazi who opens up with his Chainrifle. Tina goes down, and the Witch lets out his last breath. Brian gliding down the building to take the middle line. Victory for USARF

Morats: 0 alive and 0 objective points
USARF: 49 alive and 3 objective points

Operation Crazy HorsesOperation Crazy HorsesOperation Crazy Horses

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