Control of Flamia Island

Operation Last Ditch

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Combined Army
Liz Wayne
VS Ariadna

My boyfriend wrote this:

VS Liz Wayne 1463467044

Luitenant Terry had heard that the cease fire will sound in just a few hours. But yet he been hearing that for days. The Human Sphere seems not to care about the Big Man call to end all hostilities. It was 0-12 alone that could stop the madness and finally unite all factions to kill all pockets of alien resistance. But Terry was still on the job because of it. And found yet another pocket of Morats to kill.

Marauder Brian had moved into a nice overbridge position to fire a heavy rocket at a Yaogat Sniper. She dropped burning. Then the Unknown Ranger saw an option to run the right flank and kill a Yaogat Spitfire in hiding. His heavy pistol made short work of him. To make the Alpha Strike even worse he pushed on to take out two Daturazi Witch Hunters who went scrambling for their smoke bombs. The Ranger being an Ace shot, just had a quicker response and killed them off. One with his Rifle, the other with his Heavy pistol when he leaned over the garage. Kornak was not amused and made short work of the unknown ranger. And the lone Daturazi made a last ditch attempt and rushed the USARF Left Flank, heavily wounding Luitenant Terry. The USAriadnans were in chaos for a moment. The Grunts got spooked and went into Suppresive fire to defend their position. While The Marauders pushed forward. Jerry had marched on to far and became an easy target for Kornak. The Daturazi rushed the grunt line, but was caught unawares by Brian his Heavy Rocket. Brian pushed on to find Kornak and save the USARF from a defeat. He fired several salvos of rockets, finding out the hard way that Kornak had a thick hide. Brian had only one rocket salvo left. aimed his weapon and ended Kornak in a ball of flame. Victory to Ariadna.

Morat: 0 points and 0 points alive
Ariadna: 1 point and 61 points alive

Operation Last DitchOperation Last DitchOperation Last Ditch

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