Control of Flamia Island

Tactical Error

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VS Ariadna

Another day, another incursion behind enemy lines. Alpha company had had been harrying Zhurong for a month now. Commander Wiggs was nearly at the end of his resources and sleep. Untill he smelled that Stavka antipode, General Cabaray, in the vicinity one morning. His eyes fired up and he smelled blood. He sends in the heavies.

Valeria Gomez tweaked the Reaction Zonds targeting programs: “That will do. Sensor sweep comes up empty.” Lt. Ramirez alerted his Squad: “Heads up, guys, we got sneaky bastards in the vicinity. So Santos, you take point and fire that HMG of yours at anything that moves.” “Eye, sire” “Sabina, follow him and take objective alpha.” “Yes, Sir,” Sabina responded, while sticking close to Santos. RATATA! Sounds as Santos fired at the ambush. “I’m hit! My armor is pierced!” Meanwhile Sabine behind him: “Objective alpha secured.” Lt. Ramirez ordered: “Move the central building, squad” As Santos crossed the road he saw movement up the building. “I got you, you…” BAM. The shot pierced his helmet and painted the building behind him red. “Santos! Noooo,” Sabine screamed as she say Santos body collapse. The rest of the team made it towards the central building. Between sobs Sabine reported: “Running lockpicker” And the door to the white room opened.

The squad heard a lot of angry men shouting from the far end of the building. The reaction zond started firing and crazy koalas activated. Then it grew quiet. HQ reported: “the 2 far objectives have been captured by boogeys”. Suddenly the other doors of the central room opened en and shit hit the fans. A coordinated breach caught the Nomads by supprise. The Reaction Zond fired, Vigo the Intruder sniper reported spotted a Spetznas, while Igor managed to fire his boarding shotgun before going down in a torret of fire, all without any success in stopping Ariadna from taking the central chambre.

Valeria Gomez restarted the Reaction Zonds targeting protocols. “Sensor sweep came up empty again. But a datascan reveals the enemy bunkering down in the central chambre.” Vigo reported: “Spetznas taken out.” Marcello (Jaguar) releashed a grunt before rushing the right flank, racing into the open with a view of the rear flank of the central building. “Eat chain you mother…” Multiple mineblasts took him down. But not before he nicked the last angry man. “Alright,” lt. Ramirez said, “I got to do this myself. Mubutu follow me,” as he followed Marcello’s path. Now the mines where cleared he had a clear angle from the right flank. “One chasseur down.” He and mubutu hunkered down for a counter assault.

Men came charging in. “Aaaarrrg” With a Rambo grunt, lt Ramirez took down every one of them. From the central room multiple loud curses could be heard. “Yeah this operating system is way more advanced than window ’98,”Angela whispered. On the other flank another spetznas open fire on the Reaction Zond, which disappeared in a shower of sparks. Vigo spotted him however: “Hold still.” BAM. The Spetznas crumbled to the floor.
“Sensors still clear,” Valeria reported. “Sending in the Stempler for objective bravo.” “**TARGET AQUI…” A loud shotgun blast sounded from close by, blowing a large hole in the Stempler. Lt. Ramirez: “Chasseur nr two down! One left in the room, behind the central datahub.” Angela rushed the datahub and plugged. “Objective charly secured! That how you do this,” while she braced her gun, ready for any movement.

Nothing happened. Did they not break Ariadna morale with this last push? Only when it was too late Angela noticed her Trojan in the central hub was overwriten again. “Damnit!”

A 1 – 5 loss. If only I shot the last Foxtrot remaining in the central room. I could have made it a victory. Instead I miscalculated and though my opponent was in retreat.
Thank you for reading/ watching. Thanks to Cabaray for coming over to play a long and tense game. The table is mine. Please rate and comment if you enjoyed the report.

Tactical ErrorTactical ErrorTactical ErrorTactical ErrorTactical ErrorTactical ErrorTactical ErrorTactical ErrorTactical Error

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