Control of Flamia Island


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VS Ariadna

“Alright, heads up, Alpha Company. Charly Company has been utterly annihilated, but managed to track commander Cabaray’s personal pilot to Narooma. You are to snatch their objective right from under their noses. But do expect a trap. That’s why you got two TAGs for support. Move out!”

“You heard commander Wiggs, eyes open and forward,” Lt. Valeria ordered, “it’s payback time! Send in the zond.” The Stempler moved up to Mubutu (the Moran Masai Hunter) and started his scan revealing several ambushes and mines. Sgt. Lucia (Gecko Pilot): “Moving up the right flank. Let me take care of you mine infestation” She triggered the mine. BOOM. “Damn I took some damage! Systems are still functioning.” While sgt. Baracus reported from the left flank: “I got movement here. Let’s kill it with fire! Damn the rodent still lives and it’s scratching my TAG!” “All, take cover and suppress!”

“I’m taking HMG fire from a Russian surprise! I’m pinned down!”sgt. Lucia reported. While sgt. Baracus shouted: “I can’t get a lock on that little rodent! Eject! Eject!”

“Alpha squad support sgt. Baracus” lt. Valeria commanded! “Target in sight, sir,” Anna replied while firing her combirifle. “She went up in smoke, sir!” “Roger, the sgt can handle the rest. Move up to the objective. Louisa take point!” Liousa fired her HMG on one of the exposed mines to destroy it, while her squad darted in the central chamber, each taking a tech coffin to explore. Loud gunshots erupted near and before Louisa could react she was punched through with large holes. Anna was caught in the flame of a Chasseur. Lupé and Dre managed to takes their objectives and headed back out of the room, while being covered by the zond, the Moran and the Gecko.

Meanwhile, the smoke vanished and sgt. Baracus opened up on the rodent that destroyed his TAG. A desperate assault from the enemy to take the objective and stop Dre and Lupe from leaving, was blunted by the combined suppressive fire from Mubuto, the Stempler and sgt. Lucia’s Gecko TAG… and not the forget Mubutu’s crazy koalas.

“Tomcat Rodriguez reporting,” sounded on the radio. “Eat flame you Russian pile of steroids,” he exclaimed after burning the Russian Spetsnaz to a crisp. Only to be cut shot by a sniper shot from afar. On the other flank sgt. Baracus moved up to the unconscious SAS commando. “I pity the fool who destroyed my TAG.” Baracus stomped his armored boot down. Lupe nodded to Loco the Jaguar both dropping smoke genades. Lupe ran to the organic console (must be Tohaa tech). “Upload confirmed,” Lupé reported.

This was my second battle again my nemesis Cabaray. It ended up in a win for me at 5 to 1 in VP. The table is his and he got it from scorch (Datasphere, were you might have seen it before). It is made by Systema Gaming.


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