Control of Flamia Island

Mechanized Assault

Yu Jing
VS PanOceania

The Yu Jing started the fight with 4 monks + come LI + Rui Shi + SonBae + Husong. The enemy sniper killed the total reaction bot right away and the whole in the defense was used by an airborn trooper. With all orders he killed 2 LI and my sniper needed to go prone. The monks charging forward killed the ad-trooper but got all killed by enemy fire afterwards. The rui shi managed to make the enemy sniper unconscious but was healed afterwards and killed the rui shi. Yu Jing repairde both rems successfully and managed to make the sniper again unconscious. The next healing failed and the Knight got killed by my sniper. The game was mine – nothing more left than LI on the PanO side.

Yu Jing

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