Control of Flamia Island

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VS Haqqislam

“Charly Company is to extract medical data from the Narooma Facility. But be aware Haqqies smelled silk and are ready to snatch the data from under your nose. So to deal with it, I attached 3 tags to your company.” “Roger Hotel Quebec. Charly out!

“Eye in the sky suggests opponent is moving in on the target. Ghulams have gained acces to the facilities main building. They seem to be setting up an ambush as well,” Commander Wiggs radioed in from HQ. Lt. Valeria replied: “Roger that, sir! Approach with extreme caution.”

“Liousa take point and lead the team forward, but be aware of enemy sniperpositions!” Lt Valeria advised. “Spotted one, sir! Target, a djazeban sniper, eliminated!” “Alright! Baracus, move your TAG up right flank. Look out for boogeys up the walkway” Baracus awsered: “Engaging!” RATATA “Sekban taken down, sir! I’m moving on!””No stay back!” RATATTATA! “Wow close one,” Baracus radioed back. That remote must be augmented or something. I can’t seem to take it down! But armour is holding!”

“Eat flame, pirate!”Baracus yelled as he engulfed the Yuan Yuan in flames. The remote on the far roof stared hammering down on Baracus’ Iguana. But by retreating to cover, Baracus could take aim again. “I got you now, you automated little B*****d!” It sagged in a shower of sparks. Globs of adhesive flew around him. “It’s getting sticky here, sir!” “Ghulams are taking our price, boys,” Lt. Valeria reported! “Go get them! The roofs are clear!”

“Follow me,” Lupe whispered as she took the lead. “One Ghulam down!”Lupe reported after an burst of shots. “They seem to be leaving with the data! Two down.” Lupe and her Alguaciles teammates moved in the room, each towards a crate. Lt Valeria ordered: “sgt Lucia and sgt Peterson, position your geckos in cover by the tori gate to cut off any attempt to get away with the data!”

“Last ghulam in sight, sir” sgt. Lucia replied. “Firing blitzen. DAMN she dodged it! That ghulam must be a snakedancer!” Suddenly a remote jumped from the roof, but immediately disappeared after the alguaciles let it rip and sgt Peterson hit the remote in square in its thorax with a panzerfaust.

“Securing packages” Lupe reported. “Move! Move,” she shouted, “time is running out!” The team sprinted from the main building towards through the one flanked by the TAG teams. “Package secured! Lupe out!”

The game ended in a 8 – 5 nomad victory!
This is my own infinity table. It has been and is still a work in progress.

TAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the HospitalTAG me to the Hospital

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