Control of Flamia Island

The Sacking of Zhurong

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VS Haqqislam

“High command orders are to move in and secure this part of the Zhurong power plant. Intell suggests Haqislam forces are moving in as well. You are to claim consoles and take and hold the central building,” Commander Wiggs ordered.

Lt. Ramirez eyed his team of Mobile Brigadas. Rodriguez holding the HMG whispered: “I got movement! But I can’t see the target!” “Reaction zond has coordinates! Up the walkway! Enemy Saboteur!” Angela spotted though her dataconnection with the remote. “Target down,” Rodriguez called back! BOOM! “He must have placed demolitions!” On the right flank hacker Vinnie shouted: “Enemy hacker behind our lines!” Angela replied: “I got him in my range! Deploying anti hacker protocols!” “Ahh! He got me marked,” Vinny yelled. A high pitch whine of a incoming missile. Vinny started to run. “Running countermeasures,” Angela quickly reported. BOOM! “Damnit! We’ve lost Vinnie!”

While Rodriguez took point, Angela was launching AHP again. “I got you now! This is for Vinnie!” Rodriguez moved on but failed to notice the Djanzeban Sniper on the far side of the central building. A bullet flew past. “Take cover!” Rodriguez knew now were to look for his target and let him HMG rip. “Target down! Clear!” Angela moved up toward to datahub. “Package installed.” On the right flank the Stempler moved in toward the other datahub: “**TARGET SECURED**.” Meanwhile Lt. Ramirez led his troops onward towards the central building. Angela moved to the door. “Running Lockpicker. Open Sesame!” and with a high the door opened up the large white room and the squad moved to secure.

“Eye in the sky reports enemy movement. Ghulam are taking datahub on the far right flank. Reaction Zond is keeping them at bay” Commander Wiggs noticed his company. HMG shots from all sides as enemy remote engaged the reaction zond: “**HULL INTEGRITY INTACT. BRUTE FORCE TACTICS ENGAGED**.” After a couple of minutes the area grew quiet again. The Reaction reported “**TARGET DESTROYED**.”

Angela moved towards the central datahub. “Finally! I cracked it,”She exclaimed are a few tries. “Tomcat reporting.” Lopez called in. He failed to see the ghulam. “Wow, close one! How about this!” He let his combirifle rip. “Target down. Flanking enemy position,” while Lopez moved to the next train wagon. The Kaplan was not expecting him, barely being able to turn while Lopez gunned him down. “Oh ow! Enemy smart missile system remote found and it’s staring right at me!” “Hold very still!” lt. Ramirez advised.

The remote turned around and… fired a missile point blank. Lopez reacted quickly and hit the missile while still being launched. BOOM! The remote evaporated. “Eye in the sky reports enemy specialist took the hub on the far left flank.

“Present is set. Fire in the hole!” Lopez called while he blew up his target. He climbed the roof and crawled toward the datahub on the far right flank. “Link uploaded! And HVT secured!”

A 10 to 1 Nomad victory! Mobile brigade fireteams are so delicious! Go Nomads!
Special thanks to BucketKnight for coming over for a few games. We played at my place and this is my infinity table. The other game we played (at Narooma) is also available for your reading pleasure.


VS BucketKnight 1459530184


The Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of ZhurongThe Sacking of Zhurong

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