Control of Flamia Island

Sexy Murder Nuns from Outerspace

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VS Haqqislam

“Observants, this is Hotel Quebec. Haqies are moving into camp Antella. We don’t need any witnesses. Make it so.”

“Sisters, keep your head down and observe,” lt. Lady Maxima whispered. “Let them come in a false sense of dominance. “ Ghulam moved up to occupy the central building, while a lone Janisari move over the walkways. “Target acquired, ” whispered lady Maria while watching through the scope of her MSR. “Target on sight as well,”replied Lady Julia. “Fire in three, two , one.” A small burst from the HMG and quick pops from the sniper made the Janisari topple. That alerted the enemy they hunkered down and layed down fields of fire.

“Right where I want them,” lt. Lady Maxima radioed. “Zero one, observe.” “Aye mam,” the zero replied, “Targets painted, a Djabazan Hacker and a Ghulam Hacker.” “Good. Less interference,” said lt. Lady Maxima. “Vertigo Launch!” A small projectile launch into the air. Then it changed its trajectory for the target. BOOM! “Targets 1 and 2 eliminated, as well as an extra boogey in the blast,” the zero observed.
Lady Julia moved over on the roof for a better view of the one remaining Djanbazan. RATATATA! “May the lady watch over you.”

“Next target, all zeroes observe the odalisks on the left flank on my mark.” Lt. Lady Maxima ordered. “Mark.” “Target painted, mam, but zero three is down.” “Vertigo, fire!” Again a projectile launched from the zond. BOOM! “Target hit, but still standing” “Vertigo, fire again!” BOOM! “All three targets eliminated.

Kim licked her lips as she and her pupniks move to the central building. “Let’s finish this!” She moved to the side of the door as she watched her pupniks go in. What followed was shouts, shots, the sound of blood spattering and then…


A Nomad victory: 9 to 2 in VP. Bucketknight had 80 points remaining. I lost 2 pupniks and 2 zeroes. The table is by Het Lab a local gamingstore in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Support your LGC!

Sexy Murder Nuns from OuterspaceSexy Murder Nuns from OuterspaceSexy Murder Nuns from OuterspaceSexy Murder Nuns from OuterspaceSexy Murder Nuns from OuterspaceSexy Murder Nuns from OuterspaceSexy Murder Nuns from Outerspace

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