Control of Flamia Island

The Friar goes to town

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Zenon Berg

Atalanta needed to be taken out, so a Black Friar was enlisted for just that. The opening order saw a crit take out Atalanta, then he dropped dead from a Proxy5 Mk12. Silly marksman! I needed to open that way, got both lucky and unlucky.
HMG then went myrmidon hunting and killed it on the second volley, only to be blasted by a heavy rocket launcher that fried the Hospitaller doctor right next to him. Vladislav took free shots and killed some scattered netrods. The grenadier followed up by trying, and failing, to place some grenades on robots. Fireteam down to 3, and hurting, though fresh on wounds.
Smoke was laid and rockets were fired. In the aftermath, a whole lot of wounds were received but no one died. (0-0)
The Spec Sgt went and spotted the Dakini sniper, which a grenade took it out. Joan took a chance, shot, and got shot. Not many orders were left, so not much was done.
Trying something different, the Asura advanced to Red Rum, succeeded all sort of ugly, and de Fersen crumbled under the onslaught. Joan then got hacked and responded by laying down a Nanopulser, and hitting a netrod. (0-0)
Going in glory, Joan used her nanopulser again, did 1 wound, the rest saved. The last Knight charged in, and lost CC with the Asura, and failed his armour save. It was in glory, but not successful. The Fusiliers cut their losses and held their ground.
Clean up crew!! (10-0)

Super hard fight again that fell apart in the end. Looks totally lop-sided, though felt nothing like it during the game.

The Friar goes to townThe Friar goes to townThe Friar goes to town

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