Control of Flamia Island

Atalanta shows up

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Zenon Berg

Not much to see here! Atalanta shot dead the TO:camo spec sergeant when he tried to observe one threatening REM sniper. He was so scared that he didn’t even got the target acquired! Joan ordered her fireteam to take out the Dakini, who crit and wounded the HMG in response. Smoke was laid and shots were missed. Second round went better and the Hospitaller hit 2 rounds of the 4, taking out the Dakini. In revenge, however, the Atalanta hit and killed the last wound from the HMG. The grenadier took the only shot she’d ever take and lobbed a grenade at a netrod and got shot by Atalanta in response. Hoping to secure at least the classified, de Fersen advanced to spotlight the HVT. Prone with Atalanta able to see, he was shot dead in the 4 failed orders to spotlight.
Atalanta took her turn next and used 6 orders to kill the doctor, then grievously wound Joan. It took forever, but Joan couldn’t shoot back either. Smoke was laid and shots bounced after the rocket launcher killed a Knight. Joan also died.
Looking to do SOMETHING, but in loss of lieutenant and retreat. The Fusilier and Warcor both got shot by Atalanta while withdrawing, and the last lonely spec sergeant got shot the following turn.

All in all 10-0, lost everything and killed maybe 50. The game felt lopsided and frustrating, especially when I failed 4 hacking attempts on 11s, missed 7/8 shots on 15s, and another 6/8 on 14s. It was a tough game to keep my helmet on, and I wasn’t the best sport/opponent. 🙁

Deus est cum nobis,
-Col Hospitaller Zenon

Atalanta shows upAtalanta shows upAtalanta shows upAtalanta shows upAtalanta shows up

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