Control of Flamia Island

Interventor of my dreams

Interventor Irulan
VS PanOceania

Irulan was sent to scout out camp Antela for the nomad peer shared intelligence comitee. The camp was already under attack from Pano. A fauna research lab concealed under the canopy from Ariadna had been neutralized and the enemy specialists had already uploaded some incriminating evidence of working of rewriting patented research. Irulan took the initiative and decided to strike before the Pano detachement had a chance to deploy some of it’s more advanced security systems.

My opponent won the initiative roll and chose the deployment, which was more favorable on his side. I took first turn in order to catch him unguarded. He removed two orders from my second group, neutering my (again!) dogged Morlock. I’ve always suffered from ninja-envy and tried to infiltrate Bran do Castro next to a tower in the north-western quadrant. The infiltration was a failure, so the mutant had to run, jump and roll all the way to his deployment zone. All of his units were hidden behind buildings, and I wanted to put some pressure right from the start. With a lot of infiltrators, I had the advantage of mobility, but he had the armor advantage.

Bran started by shooting down a fusilier that was on rear-guard duty. He camoed again and stealthily charged two fusiliers at once. The reasoning was that the surviving ennemy would be used as a shield. Sadly, both fusiliers survived. The rest of my orders were used to send the zero assault hacker to try and immobilize the father knight, but the high BTS protected it.

The Father knight boldly rushed towards the Zero… and got isolated by the hacker. Without an engineer on such a terrain, the assault HI was basically out of the fight. A Swiss knight got out of TO camo to avenge his kin. He unceremoniously gunned down the annoying nomad. His Nisse sniper charged Bran… and got killed even at burst 3. He decided to let Bran try and get out of a 2 vs 1 fight on my turn, counting on AROs to do the job while saving on orders. As a backup, his Aquila guard got the melee in his sight and let his finger rest on the trigger. With his remaining orders, the Swiss Knight started slogging trough the jungle, like a slower version of the Predator. He easily gunned down the Morlock, but the attack prompted the Intruder do get out of camo and start reclaiming my side of the table. Armed with a multi-rifle and out-ranged, the knight got back to the cover of the central building after suffering a wound.

On my second turn, Bran used his urban martial artistry to try and win the day. He killed the second fusilier, coup-de-graced the Nisse, but was laid low by a knife from the second fusilier. 2 unopposed attacks were a bit much for him.

Coming from my side, there was not a lot of cover to go for, and the lines of fire were guarded by a Nisse sniper AND an Aquila guard… Not too good for my heavy camo group. I was looking for options. My Prowler first surprised-shot the Nisse sniper. That went well… But I was still stuck. I remembered why I really wanted an Interventor for this mission. My Moran Masai moved forward, Irulan threw a White Noise zone over him and the Masai tried to forward observe (secondary objective) the Aquila Guard… who killed him in return. -6 for no vis is not that much of an issue for Pano! Again, I resorted to more trusted units of the nomad nation. The Spitfire Tsyklon rushed forward, using his climbing plus to skit on the rooftop of the buildings and make the jungle more manageable for it’s mechanical legs. It tried to send a marker towards the Aquila, but failed. Zoe placed assisted fire on the remote. It finally got into the White noise area and shot at the Aquila. Range bands were much more favorable and the Aquila had to duck back, with one worrying wound on his chest. The remaining order was used to place the Tsyklon, Prowler, Intruder and a backfield alguacile in suppressive.

The tables were turning so my opponent had to resort to more agressive tactics. The Swiss Knight slogged back towards his zone and started shooting at my Tsyklon. Dices were on my side and between missed shots, the armour plating did it’s job. My Intruder rushed from his platform using multi-terrain and shot down the Pano heavy hitter. I then sent the Tsyklon towards the remaining group, which also had a hacker in it. A cyber-fight broke out between my Interventor and the Pano junior technician. Irulan must have been exhausted because she was not able to go trough the resets of the hacker or of the Aquila. My last order was to send the Tsyklon on a frontal assault. It got the HI, but the hacker survived. On his last turn, while shuffling command tokens around to account for loss of lieutenant, he tried to get rid of the remote, but it eventually mowed down the rest of the little group.

Guess I’ll have to stop saying the nomads can’t go into face-to-face brawls with Pano. They did pretty well on that day. I usually don’t put my Interventor as lt, it’s very efficient, surely helped in my victory with an extra support order, but it usually get targeted very quickly. I was lucky not to face a paratrooper today.

Interventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreamsInterventor of my dreams
Interventor Irulan

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  • Interventor Irulan says:

    Hackers make everything better (well, for nomads, at least)!

  • Kelderaith says:

    Very nice (and mean!) list! My initial thoughts was that it was a bit hacker heavy for annihilation, but it seemed to have served you well overall. Good job and congrats on the win.