Control of Flamia Island

Mired in Medical Mayhem

Yu Jing
VS Ariadna

Hsien Bullet Lotus not happy. Her eyes were icy daggers framed by that neat steel colored bob. Despite sitting down, she made the taller lanky woman in front of her seem a little bit smaller.

“Daofei Autumn Wolf, why is it that you only brought back a single data packet from your supply run. Has not your detachment made their name on operations such as these?” each word even and precise.

“We were distracted by conditions on the ground. The USAriadnans had numerous forward deployed elements, including those flamethrower wielding troops. We were not able to shift into as an aggressive posture than we would have liked due to the number and durability of their troops. We did manage to wipe out one of their mounted elements early on though.”

“The mission recorder seemed to pick something that sounded like electronic giggling from the Son Bae around that time. However It seems one trooper in particular disrupted your plans.”

The hulking bestial profile emerging from the smoke, snarling antipode in tow. Wolf felt her eyes widen, and throat tighten.
Something flashed. She was longer the lean confident hunter, but a scrawny trainee. She was scrambling along the cold ice swept ground. The siren call of hot food, answered by the baying feeling in her stomach. The feeling of elation as she rounded the corner, only to be greeted by an empty greasy box and a ripsaw of laughter echoing in the air.

Another flash. She was stalking toward her hideout, a box of high proof ill gotten gains in her arms. She had eluded the roaming bandits over the past few hours. Every muscle protested and wailed. However a peculiar musky smell wafted in the air. Then she heard the whistle of the local police. She willed her legs into motion. She caught a blurry sight of a gigantic furry tail and heard the same laughter.

And again. The same cold landscape and bestial laughter. A missing pork bun. A stolen shoe. More memories had streamed past her. She felt her pulse quicken and her vision redden.

Wolf blanked her face. “There were reasons.”

“Apparently those reasons were quite infectious. Even when Hac Tao Bronze Saber assumed command your detachment wasted an inordinate amount of time trying to eliminate the one dogface.”

“Sir, if we left him to run free, he could easily tear through our lines.”

“So you say. regardless it seems the Ariadnan’s managed to use that distraction to get to those tech coffins relatively unopposed and even use their remaining bike to upload them.”

“Yes, and deployed numerous mines within the room. Our attached Monk bravely charged into it to clear the room.”

Lotus’s eyes eased slightly. “Yes, I understand that monk proved to be quite competent. He apparently proved to be quite bulletproof, shrugging off numerous rifle and machine gun rounds. Alas, not even Shaolin training can stop mines.”

“His sacrifice was not in vain…he allowed our Guilang Hacker to get important information on the suspected traitor as well as secure one of the datapackets.”

“Ah yes, the other one who pulled their weight.” Lotus’s eyes flashed.
The debriefing went on for a long time. Far longer than it needed to be. Imperial Agents were always a pain in the ass. Wolf flopped onto her couch, her braids flying.

“That bad huh?” There was some clattering from the kitchen.

Wolf hugged a pillow. “Oh hush you, where’s that dinner you owe me?”

“Never letting that go, huh?” came the loud throaty chuckle.

Mired in Medical MayhemMired in Medical MayhemMired in Medical MayhemMired in Medical MayhemMired in Medical MayhemMired in Medical MayhemMired in Medical Mayhem

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  • Rohan Demonheart says:

    Drats it’s to late to rank this report. It deserves a good rating. Damon shame that it is. Nice mix of terrain. Ariadna numbers are hard to deal with sometimes.