Control of Flamia Island

Onza Armory

Yu Jing

The Aleph forces had arrived ahead of the JSa contingent. An explosion was heard in the distance with teh sound of the armory door falling from its hinges. Takeshi knew it was more than likely his rival. Achilles. The Aleph poured into the armory and took suppressive fire positions. Achiles pelting the Domaru link and wounding 1 HI in teh process. They were quickly dodging his way, so he chose to hold inside the Bunker.

Takeshi stormed forward heroicly, forcing his way inside, taking suppressive fire, a hacking attacks and going head long into achilles. Achilles was too swift… Takeshi fell hard.. The other flank moved forward in preparation to storm the bunker.

Achilles went into a frenzy and charged the closest Domaru… As Achilles blazed forward, the domaru companions opened fire. The Raiden Sniper and Two domaru hiting their marks. Saving once and falling to the rest. His Domaru victim slumping down to the ground almost simultaneously with his killer. The rest of teh aleph forces continued forward into the Armory braving chain rifle fire and grabing some weapons.

In loss of Lt, the Domaru went in and stormed the Armory. One Domaru stromed the Aleph Doctor and could not fell her.. Taking a calculated risk , the Karakuri shot into combat. Both falling to teh hail of MK12 fire.. The armory was now empty.

Aleph starts its last turn and begins to disect the JSA army leaving 1 Raiden, 1 Karakui , 1 Engineer. Just short of retreat. The Karakuri sprints into the Armory,droping the Aleph Sniper and colliding with teh Dakini…

End game 5-4

My buddy Arthenon and I have been having these tight matches lately..

Nail biters.. Great Match

Yu Jing

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