Control of Flamia Island

Operation lycurgus: ariadnan ambush

VS Ariadna
Ariadnan patrol

Eudoros stood in the middle of the office. The mud and blood still caked over his armour a stark contrast to the pristine white room around him. Commander pain sat at his desk pouring over the after action report absorbing every detail. He placed the report down on the table, his gazed lingered for a moment on the report before he raised his head and looked directly at eudoros. The silenced seemed to last an eternity before he spoke. “So your sure they shot first?” Eudoros had gone over this event in detail dozens of times. He was sure. “Yes” he replied suddenly feeling unsure of himself. “Ok” said the commander “walk me through it one more time.”

We deployed outside of delta camp teucer up high covering our approach thorikite team on the left flank myrmidon 1 and I pushing the centre. Almost immediately we came under fire a kazakh with an hmg but he was quickly silence by teucers feurbach. We lost a thorikite and the rest took cover unable to get a decent shot. Suddenly on the back foot I decided to lead by example. I moved down the road drawing the attention of a cloaked sniper but his shot went wide and I managed to take him down with my mk12. We continued our advance but drew the attention of more kazakhs. Anothe HMG wielding soldier fired at myrmidon 1 and she fell. He moved to draw bead on me but again teucer was ready and he silenced the kazakh. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and dropped smoke managing to avoid the fire from the enemy commander. Seeing a chance to end this I moved towards the enemy commander avoiding his fure until I was able to reach him and quickly dispatch him with my sword. Seeing their commander fall the rest of the force fled into the jungle.

:is there anything you have ovelooked” asked commander pain. Eudoros thought hard about this question. He thought of the troops he hunted down in the jungle after they fled. He thought of the warcor they captured filming the encounter now locked up in the cells below ground. “Nothing sir” he replied. “Good. Dismissed lietenant go get cleaned up”


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