Control of Flamia Island

Icestorm meets in Aranda

Zenon Berg
VS Nomads
Andrea Berg

—===Incoming transmission///Father Knight Garrick___Nomads in Aranda===—-
It has been brought to our attention that the Nomads seem bent on denying all of Pan Oceania, whatever the price. In this case, the price is high, and they seem to be aiding the EI in their operations for Aranda. You are to assemble the strkeforce you know from the Icestorm campaign and set upon the Nomads. Fight ruthlessly, without quarter, and in the grace of God.
—===End of transmission===—

Here it was, battle lines were drawn, and the fight was to be an open one. Between the two forces was a veritable kill zone and one would be a fool to cross it. Father Knight ordered his forces set up first, not knowing when the Nomads would arrive, but knowing he wanted the initiative. Deployment was kept largely out of sight, and some risks would be taken to get to proper position. Such was life, and God would protect them.
The Nomads showed in force, and he noticed that they, too, where from Operation: Icestorm. Familiarity may breed comfort, but that was for a more peaceful time in a more peaceful place. The Nisses sniper was ordered to the outcrop of the 2 story building. Not bothering to dodge, he ran full speed, and the God granted mimetism kept him safe. From his perch, he started the war. First to die was the Mobile Brigada. A lucky shot amidst incoming fire put the poor man out. Normally he would be left to bleed out, however, there was a Reverend Healer present, so he would have to be executed forthwith. The next to drop was an Alguacil HMG, though the sniper was only able to disable him before he had to take cover to reload. Fortunately, the enemy Spektr had revealed himself, and not been able to get a bead on the Nisses who was closer, more shifty, and behind more cover than he would have liked.
The Nomads were in limited capacity to respond, but they knew that the HMG was core. The Reverend Healer stepped from concealment and was able to nurse the Alguacil back from about 50′ away. The HMG decided to cut his losses, abandon the crate on which he was perched as the predatory Nisses sniper was perched higher. He opened up on the Father Knight, hoping to cripple the command. His desperate attempts served nothing more than to allow the Father Knight to close the gap. After prolonged fire, however, the Father Knights kinematica gear stared to fail and he fell unconscious in the middle of the field, stopping his assault short. Lucky for the Pan Oceania, there was no more rounds left in the Nomads and they braced for the counter attack. (1-1)
Seeing the Father Knight fall was a serious morale concern. Luckily the orders were coming from the Orc this time around. The Fusilier paramedic was about to spring into action when the Nisses shot the HMG dead. That would have been a bad break. The Spektr, however, shot at the Fusilier who’s concern for his own life caused the medkit to miss! Seeing a Rubic’s cube to solve, the ORC went to work. Staying carefully out of the Spektr’s sights, he went Healer hunting. It took some zig and zagging, but finally the Reverend succumbed to a lucky shot and died without being able to offer a surrender. The Spektr was the next to go, again by the ORC’s MUTLI. A shorter, but no less deadly fight. With that, the ORC closed on the last known position of the Grenzer, who answered with a burst from his Combi, thankfully missing.
The Grenzer was all too eager to fight and close the distance to flamethrower range. God was with the ORC as his armour shucked as much flame as Shadrach Meshach, and Abednego. Although unable to land any shots of his own, the battle was clearly in the ORC’s favour. (4-1)
With time and bodies running out, our loyal Fusilier finally got his medkit to the Father Knight who, in his delerium, injected a vein and not an artery, and promptly died. The ORC was able to finish the Grenzer, steering clear of the flames once more. The Akali decided that it was his turn to share in the action, and killed the remaining Alguacil hacker. (7-1)

The day was solidly with PanO.

Icestorm meets in ArandaIcestorm meets in ArandaIcestorm meets in ArandaIcestorm meets in ArandaIcestorm meets in ArandaIcestorm meets in Aranda
Zenon Berg

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  • Zenon Berg says:

    Yeah. I hear ya about the open table. It’s what I had though, and I was playing at home. I didn’t want to use many more “proxies” as buildings, so we dealt with it. I’m torn between building more terrain (my FLGS doesn’t have much Infinity appropriate) and actually getting my painting done. I would rather spent my money on models than buildings, and storage get to me. What we need is Holoprojector terrain! It would pack nicely, and make it just material enough to hold the minis. 😀

  • Luisjoey says:

    yes you need middle buildings for tactical issues, this its not a napoleonic wargame XD

  • Pendragon says:

    That is very terrain light, Open tables like that can be murderous.

  • Yasashii Fuyu says:

    Someone forgot to put terrain in the middle of the table O.O but I guess with PanO vs Nomads that’s ok, at least for PanO. But I guess getting enough terrain is rough when you are just starting out, so as long as both players had fun it should be ok 😉