Control of Flamia Island

Operation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma Incident

VS Tohaa

Narooma Incident Investigation Commission, Military Base in Sagres, Flamia, Paradiso

“Corporal Soares reporting, sir”, saluted slender women in uniform while entering the room.

“Sit down, corporal,” answered one of higher officers sitting behind the table. “Are you aware why we have summoned you here?”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

“And are you aware that anything you tell here could be used as evidence by court martial?”

“Sir, I’m, sir!”

“Good,” replied the man and looked on his colleagues. “I think we should begin then.”

The one on the right, a stark man in his 40ies with colonel insignia approved; women on the other side, a blend one in a blend suit almost unnoticeable nodded.

“Well, corporal. Now, told us about that ‘initiative’ action in Narooma!”

Marina Soares just cast down her eyes and replied, with notably quieter voice: “It was an outright disaster, sir.”

Cpl. Soares testimony considering Narooma Incident

“After Tohaa hit her in Tianxian, sir, the behavior of Lt. Nunes changed drastically. In fact, she behaved like she had been possessed. Yes, she was able to recognize us. But her behavior pattern changed a lot.

I remember Isabel, pardon me, lieutenant Nunes since boot camp. We had even been a kind of friends, as much as was possible between our ranks. But nevertheless I hadn’t recognized her after she recovered from the wound. Despite the plans of the action, we boarded a dropship and went on punitive expedition in Narooma. You know lt. Nunes records better than me, sir, but I don’t remember any occasion when Isabel just forgot her orders.

Anyway, our expedition went disaster soon after we landed. I fact we never made it out from the landing zone. They were prepared for us, sir. We run into a kind of trap, where we was under fire of several well-positioned sniper and machinegun nests, and in fact we weren’t able to move forward at all.

Isabel tried to shoot them down with her machinegun, but… but her effort was vain at all. No, sir, I can confirm that these aliens were hit, several times. And I could also confirm that the weapon was ok. But it seemed that their symbiont armor is able to regenerate itself or something similar. We tried to destroy it, I remember that our remaining father of Montesa tried to bomb them with grenade launcher when lt. Nunes HMG didn’t worked – but without any result. Then he was assaulted by alien counterattack and while I think that he was able to hit some of them, he didn’t survive on his exposed positions for long. The aliens get quite close, so Isabel tried to stop them… and was mercilessly killed by their heavy infantry.

I ran left to save our position there, where we were exposed after the Tohaa shot Isabel and the girld from Regular battalion. But that was a fruitless effort since that, sir. Without heavy weapons and on such exposed position it was clear that we wouldn’t survive for long.

And that exactly happened. Suddenly we were outflanked on the right sides by those strange feline we also encountered in Tianxian. They managed to get into our ranks and then massacre begin. I have no information that anyone of them survived the fight, sir. Whole commando of Bagh Mari was killed, as well as our doctor that tried to save them. Last transmitting I heard was from sgt. Korpal from my ORC unit, who tried to stop them in vicious counterattack. But this abruptly ended as well.

How had I survived, you asked, madam? Well, partly because my aim, my heavy armor, and a bit of luck. I know God had been on my side this time. As I have been crouching in the left flank, I had quite good position to ambush their vanguard… so I moved quickly and shot them from close quarters. I had been armed by a reliable shotgun, so it has a quite devastative impact in close quarters. I took a hit from one of their snipers, but he hasn’t been able to penetrate my armor. I didn’t wait for another round, when I realized that I’m alone in that damned place, I retreated from the place as fast as possible. I didn’t go back to the dropship, they’d probably expect that. Instead I choose to hide in the jungle and went south, where I met later our forces on the bottom of Mount Skillion.

I’m afraid that’s all. It was pretty quick and nasty… and it was definitely a kind of operation I’m not too proud of participating upon, sir.”

After cpl. Soares left the room, the committee started to discuss:

“I think its undisputable fact that our forces were target of some dark Tohaa biological experiment.”

“You could never prove that, Simon. And if anything of this would get out, they’ll use it against us. I could see the headlines on Maya: ‘Overzealous PanO soldiers attacked poor Tohaa hospital’, or something like that. They’ll blame us for ordering that.”

“I agree. Remember this accusation considering our action in Antela. We just tried to restore order in an outright chaos that happened and ended as scapegoat just for killing a bunch of terrorists and Ateks. This could fell upon us the same.”

“So we need to keep it…”

“Keep and forget in your case, Colonel. The Hexaedron would took care in this matter.”

“And what about corporal Nunes?”

“What about her? Shall we manage to prepare an ‘accident’?”

“That’s pointless. Cpl. Nunes is a loyal soldier; I could stand bail for her.”

“She might talk.”

“She wouldn’t.”

“That’s pointless discussion, gentleman. I had better idea. Give her a promotion… and transfer her. Maybe transfer that whole ‘XXth brigade’. They are allegedly so keen for fight, so, give them what they want. Transfer them all somewhere where they’ll have other problems then to talk about some long-forgotten incident. Time will solve that problems for us, gentleman. And we’ll take a closer look upon Tohaa then…”

Operation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma IncidentOperation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma IncidentOperation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma IncidentOperation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma IncidentOperation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma IncidentOperation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma IncidentOperation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma IncidentOperation Liberator - Investigation of Narooma Incident

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