Control of Flamia Island

Operation Liberator - The Hunt

VS Tohaa

‘If there is any place worse than those alien-ridden corridors of Aranda,’ though corporal Marina Soares while carefully observing bombed street of Tiānxiàn, ‘it’s definitely this one.’ She was dispatched to Tianxian as a part of assault commando from XXth Acontecimento Brigade, a newly-formed unit which should act as a fast response assault force. Now she was cautiously moving on desolate street, which looked that everybody had abandoned it long time ago. But Marina’s years of experience told her that nothing is how it look like on the first time, and she was quite thankful for her heavy ORC armor… as well as for reliable boarding shotgun in her hands, which was in priceless in CQB which would definitely took place here.

Former jewel of Flamia, proud city of Tiānxiàn, changed into smouldering ruin due to two-months low-intensity conflict. Combined with distinctive Haqqislamite exotic smells and architecture, it looked like a modern version of Mogadishu… at it was dangerous alike. The city and its astroport attracted Nomad mercenaries, international terrorists, alien saboteurs and scum off all kind. PanOceanian unit intervened from nearby Aranda base to restore order, before the diplomats in O-12 could manage to find some solution. Mission of her squad was quite clear – track the enemies, dispatch their leaders and kill as much of them as possible.

A voice in communicator interrupted her thoughts: “Something on twelve!”

It was father Coelius, a member of Order of Montesa detachment that has been integrated into the XXth. He was acting as a heavy armored reconnaissance now.

“I confirm movement there! It looks like big carnivores, like tigers or such… with something on them!”

“There are no ‘tigers’ in here, being it a real tigers of anything. I have never heard of Shasvastii impersonating as a felines,” reacted lieutenant Isabel Nunes, acting commander of the squad. “Anyway, maximum caution, all of you. This place looks like a trap, and I’m not gping to ruin my career for something like that!”

And then the day full of horrors begun.

Later, when Marina Soares remembered the day, it looked much more clear for her. Several seconds after lt. Nunes order screamed father Coelius, attacked by two strange animals. He managed to slash one of them with his sword, but then fell down under the attack of another. Meanwhile, strange figure in alien combat armor stepped from behind an abandoned warehouse and started a massive fire against Bagh Mari sniper covering their advancement. To make it even worse, much huger humanoid… some kind of alien Tactical Armoured Gear – emerged from another building and started to fire upon him as well. Her fire was so intense that after a short time, the sniper ducked down.

“Time to die, alien bastards,” shouted lieutenant Nunes into communicator and ran into to the corner, followed by sgt. Soares and another ORC who covered her back. From this position, she sprayed enemy HMG with massive burst, almost destroying that strange armor and forcing her to duct back as well. Then she moved to another position and started to shoot upon the T.A.G., repeating the situation again. Suddenly free sniper could then shot down the strange animal, lurking above poor father knight body.

“Operative Sadhu – get into position and finish them off”, spitted lt. Nunes again.

“Rodger that,” reacted the Naga operative and Marina spotted her shadow in far in front. Soon after she heard overshooting from that position, the light staccato of Naga’s combi rifle contrasting to heavier alien calibers. “Task accomp…”, tried Naga to inform lieutenant, but her speech was abruptly ended by a shot from immediate vicinity. Naga was probably down.

But before the lieutenant could give another order, they were surprised by masked enemy lurking in front of them. First he forced poor Bagh Mari sniper with several rounds of shotgun ammo to duck down again, and then he inhumanely fast crouched through the ruins. Before lt. Nunes could evaluate new danger, masked attacker approached her from the front and hit her with jagged, ugly blade. Her last shots flew just idly to the air.

“I’m in command now,” screamed first sergeant Radjivandir from Bagh Mari unit, who took control due to enforced chain of command prepared to this mission. “Counterattack now!”

‘This probably goes to me’, thought Marina Soares and rushed forward to enemy standing above the body of her comrade. Before the alien could react, she blasted him with swift shot from her boarding shotgun. She took defensive stance above the body and provided covering fire, while mission TraumaDoc jumped down and tried to patch lt. Nunes with bandages and Adrecaine injection.

Meanwhile the aliens rushed forward and tried to get positions among the emptied cargo containers… only to become a target of another attack from ORC troopers. The first angry reaction of lt. Nuneswas to lead the counterattack. The squad of ORCs rushed forward, led by shotgun armed Marina Soares, and came down on mainly lightly-armed aliens like a monsoon storm upon palmleaf hut. Several shots from shogun cleared the area and forced the aliens to retreat back.

Lieutenant then came upon one of the dead bodies. “The Tohaa”, she spitted resentfully. “I should have known that where there are any problems on this planet, there are these pesky so-called allies lurking on! But now… now there is time to put the end to their intrigues. Sergeant – try to get me a satellite track of these little alien rodents. We’ll track them into their lair and finish them once for all.”

“Isabel, eh, pardon, madam, have I permission to speak?” reacted cpl. Soares hearing such orders.


“With all respect, madam… we have different orders now… and this could be viewed as its violations.”

“I’m the commanding officer here, corporal! And these are my orders now. Are you trying to dispute this?!”

“Not at all, madam.”

“Then carry on and stop your prattle!”

“Rodger that, madam,” resigned Marina Soares. ‘But why the hell I know that we’re heading towards catastrophe now…’ she muttered after switching the comm-channel out.

Operation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The HuntOperation Liberator - The Hunt

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