Control of Flamia Island

Unlucky aliens 2

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VS Tohaa
Alexander Wallach

As all the other BR: Sorry for bad english, really bad pics and not remembering all the opponents troups names! A special thanks to my opponent that had let me play my list using a silhuette instead of a miniature (I forgot the Jotum, THE centerpiece of my list at home…) that rolled REALLY badly….
We used House rule that we could not see between the woods only and with the Ninbus granades rule ( -3 BS and -1 burst)
Tohaa won Initiative roll and decided to go first and deployed first. Tohaa decided to keep his mission that was , I could keep one of my missions but decided to keep the card as Intelcom (was warth 31 pts).
I was second so I had all my troups in compleate cover (even the Jotum), but I was scared of his 2 troups with K1 munitions. I placed my TAG very advanced and prayed that he wasn’t too much focus!
Tohaa turn 1
I immidiatly use my first command token to take away 2 order from his main combat group (that went down to 6 becouse he had 2 clipsos in HD). Begin using a triad just to lunch his smoke becouse he knew I had a hidden troup somewhere. Start moving the triad (lunching other smokes) toward the nearest consolle and hacked it (after a few tries) and moved behind the “high mountain” in the center of the map having some in one of his right quadrant and some on his left. Finally (and in my opinion wrongly) he used the Lt. order and moved his Rasail Spitfire + Chaksa G:sync (with symbiomates)
PanO turn 1
Started obviously using my Jotum that had to take care of a Chaksa neurocinetic HMG that was prone in a high position and would be a pain for all my other troups: the first order the alien won the roll with one die (but the “frost giant” unscratched), but the 2nd firefight the alien died (I used mainly the shock ammo all the game, thanks to the low arms of my targets). Continued moving forward and killed a Chaksa with rocket launcher and with other orders all the triad that was behind the central mountain. I used a coordinated order moving the Jotum (spearhead) my two nissed and my Fusilier hacker. Doing so a Clipsos appeared and decided to shoot to my Fusilier, but with the same coordinated the Jotum and the Nisse sniper killed her (him/its?); the fusilier died becouse with combi range and TO malus went down to a -12 so couldn’t do something. I used my (only) secret order to activate my Croc hacker and moved him near his Lt. I used my last order for another coordinated this time with my Croc (speerhead) the jotum and the nisses. The jotum moved near his Rasail Lt. and the nisses just moved forward (the one with HMG started to climb a ladder of a tall building). His Lt. and servant decided to delay and I shot. The Croc died inside the flames of the servant and other ARO but the Jotums with his flamethrower made uncountius the G:servant and the Rasail lost his symbiomates.
2-0 for PanO but Tohaa controlled an antenna
Tohaa turn 2
He immidiatly activate his other hidden To Camo that takes another antenna, Start moving a triads toward his Lt. but notice that for a few inches couldn’t do whatever he wanted to do and they duck back to total cover, with his Lt. order went back and I with the Jotum use the Flamethrower, but he decided to shot with his spitfire (instead of dodging) hitting with all 4 shot, but not even scratching the TAG thick armor; The flames killed him istanttly ,but his kaeltar became immidiatly his Lt.
PanO turn 2
A mechanist advance to the nearest antenna and after a few attemp hack it and moving away leave a D charge (just in case), than wait for the Nisse HMG to clear the zone near the antenna in the enemy zone. The Nisse eliminate a Clipsos but cannot hit a Surda symbiobeast that with his pulzar was covering the antenna. I kill a few more aliens not being able to kill the Symbiobeast
4-0 for PanO (PanO 1 antenna Tohaa 2 antennas)
Tohaa turn 3
The game end for retreat. We know that at the beginning of the mission there was written of the “no retreat” but at the end there is written the opposite so we decided that there was.
5-2 for PanO

Unlucky aliens 2Unlucky aliens 2Unlucky aliens 2Unlucky aliens 2Unlucky aliens 2

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  • Luisjoey says:

    love this mountain outpost! 😀

  • Zenon Berg says:

    I like the rustic houses. 😀 They seem more appropriate than the cargo containers that they try to pass off as houses…

    Deus est cum nobis,
    -Hospitaller Knight Zenon

  • Gherlo says:

    I wrote very fast so I couldn’t make anything nicer, I feared they close the campaign, Anyway thank you commander!

  • Narkano says:

    Good job on the win, very cool looking terrain, I like those houses.
    Also, your english was great, I enjoyed the read.