Control of Flamia Island

Danger Zone: Live from Camp Antela

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VS Haqqislam

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to our journey to the most dangerous places in the human sphere today. This evening I found us a place on the quiet and peaceful little island of Flamia on Paradiso. What you see here are the outskirts of Camp Antela at dawn. [Switching thru some security cameras showing streets within an industrial area.]

It may look like a normal car accident with some bystanders but I spoted some of our trusted Alguaciles and other guys and gals moving in. [Zoom on a five man Alguacil team, then a Daktari on the rooftop and a Jaguar on the right flank. Moving a camera over to have a look at a Wildcat, a Gecko and another Alguacil in the center and further to the Mobile Brigada and the Clockmaker with a Zondbot on the left flank. Finally zooming in on a Moran with his Koalas near the burning cars.]
Oh hello sweety! [Zoom on the Alguacil Hacker. Zoom in closer on her face, then moving on to her butt and zooming in even closer. Going to total again.]

Looks like they are entering a DANGER ZONE!

Aaand I am right, now I can see some haqqislamite troops moving in from the other side of the crash site.
There you see snipers on both flanks. [The security feed showing a Djanbazan on a container supported by a Naffatun on the ground on the left flank of the Haqqislam troops. And then a Lasiq on the rooftops and a Ghulam Doctor at ground level on their right flank.]
The rest of their troops are at the center. [Showing a Azra’il, Naffatun and a Barid Hacker.]
Oh wait, I can see movement inside of the smoke at the cars and on the roof next to that location too. There is someone moving to the bystander on the rooftop. Ahh, its a Hunzakut and he is talking to the girl. Now he is laying something down. Lets have a closer look at that thing. [Zooming in on the mine.] Oh, well that is definitely a Danger Zone now! Haha!
The Barid Hacker is firing some military repeaters near our troops. We have to be carefull that he does not spot our presence accidentally, folks.
There is a Nasmat running to the cars. [Showing the Nasmat, while it gets blown appart by one of the CrazyKoalas.] Uh, that Koala definitely wanted to hug someone…

Our Jaguar is throwing stuff on top of the building next to her, where the Daktari is laying. I can’t see what it is. Just a moment. [Zooming closer on the rooftop. Smoke appears.] Ah, that it is. Strange I always thought, you only need one smoke grenade for that…
I can see weapon fire from inside the smoke, but I can’t tell you who is firing at whom. [Switching to a Camera further away.] Look! The Djanbazan and the Lasiq are down!
The Gecko is firing too. Seems he is in a firefight with the Azra’il. [Zooming in on the Azra’il.] I am suprised that this little guy is able to carry a gun that size, always thought Azra’il were bigger or at least would wear bulkier armor. And he is down! But it looks like the Gecko has took some serious damage to achieve this goal. [Showing the heavily damaged machine.]

Look at that! A Ragik just landed on the right flank of our troops. Thats how you enter a Danger Zone!
He is opening fire. Outch! That was ugly! The Gecko went down, but I think the Wildcat got away. [Switching to another camera to have a better look at the Wildcat.] Yepp, he did. Oh no! The Ragik is shooting at our beauty! How rude, he is emptying his whole magazine at her. Aawh, what a shame, she went down.
How did the Naffatun get there so fast? [Camera turning to the Naffatun who is moving around the corner of the building, where the Jaguar is standing. A second later the Jaguar and one of the Alguacil are disappearing in the flames.] Whoa! These are the things that can happen to you in a Danger Zone folks!

But our trusted police mercenarys won’t let something like that stop them! They are taking revenge! [Camera zooming out to show the Alguacil shooting down the Naffatun and the Ragik, before moving closer to the crash site.]
The Moran is advancing too. He is talking to the woman next to the crash site. Strange, she does not look like the average bystander, more like a military machinist…
Hey, there is someone near the Moran! She looks like a Tuareg. Seems she is having problems with her thermo optical camouflage. [Switching to a new camera. Zooming in at the Tuareg as she suddently gets thrown back by the impact of some bullets from the Morans Combi Rifle.] Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. I would call this a critical failure at the wrong time inside a Danger Zone! Hahaha! These guys should invest more money for equipment than for medicine and philosophy…
Uh! Oh! Firework! Our troops are firing wild around them. Looks like they don’t want these unfriendly warrior philosophers to get any closer to them anymore. Ah look, its an Intruder on top of that building on the right. [Camera showing a closeup of the Intruder.]

Someone is shooting on the left. [Showing the Barid firing at the lone Alguacil who is taking cover.] But wait, there is movment in the smoke at the cars again. [Switching to a camera near the crash site. An Al’Hawwa walking outside the smoke and firing at the Moran who is also dodging the attack.] This guy is also talking to that woman next to the crash side. Ok, she is definitely no ordinary bystander!

The Moran is moving again. He is winning his firefight with the Barid. [Camera turning to show who the Moran is shooting at.]
And there our guys go. I can see the lone Alguacil on the left, the Mobile Brigada and the Moran moving forward firing at someone. What? Is there an Farzan? Where did he came from? Did you folks notice this guy before? Seems I am not fitted to be in a Danger Zone personally. But they got him, so this doesn’t matter anymore. [Showing the Farzan going down by the weaponfire of the Nomad troops.]

Hey, the remaining Koala is jumping on top of the building with the Hunzakut and the girl on top! [Switching to a camera a little further away from the crash site.]
Seems it had no effect. But these things are scary as hell nonetheless!
What the fuck?!? The Hunzakut is standing up to fire at the Moran! Has he lost his mind? [Showing the Hunzakut standing up to shoot the Moran, getting shot at from all sides in return.] WHOA! This guy is luck impersonated! He is still alive! But also is our Moran. I think… he disappeared into the smoke.
Oh my, there was a scream inside the smoke. I fear it is our brave Moran who is laying there, partly hidden by the smoke. Must have been this damn Al’Hawwa!
The Ghulam Doctor is firing at the Mobile Brigada and the Alguacil over on the left side. Bad idea! [New security camera behind the Mobile Brigada is showing how the Doctor gets downed by the Brigada and the Alguacil.]

Ahh, our troops are advancing again! Oh, thats not the nice way. Our Brigada is shooting at the unconsious Ghulam Doctor and the Barid while moving to a console near the Barid. [Showing the scene with the same camera from behind.] It seems like he is downloading something. So thats what this all was about?
Hey, what is the Intruder doing there? [Showing the Intruder moving down the building he was on and moving to the crash site.] He is getting dangerously close to that Al’Hawwa inside the smoke. What? He is throwing grenades blindly into that smoke!? [Zooming in on the Intruder.] Hopefully he does not hit the Moran, if he is still alive… There was a scream. I think there is now Al’Hawwa anymore.
Don’t our Intruders have multispectral visors? Why didn’t he use his heavy machinegun from on top of the building? Does he has problems with his equipment too?

Hmm, whats that? Oh! IT is near, we have to get out of here!
I think we are done here anyway.
So ladys and gentlemen, time to say:
Good fight, good night! Till next time inside the DANGER ZONE!

Danger Zone: Live from Camp AntelaDanger Zone: Live from Camp AntelaDanger Zone: Live from Camp AntelaDanger Zone: Live from Camp AntelaDanger Zone: Live from Camp Antela

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