Control of Flamia Island

Nomads passed the medical exam

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VS Yu Jing
Akira Masimoto

The Nomads where very interested in the medical data of the narooma complex.
In their first approach the Moran downloaded the first data and brought it into safety, letting his koala’s in the objectiv room back. The rest of the Nomad army did some positioning to have a good defensiv around the objectiv room. The Zero putted some supression fire through the room, the lunokhood placed himself just on the left side of the room and the total reaction on the top of a building to have a good LoF.
In their turn the JSA became hitted by several Aro`s and hugged by my Koala’s. His two Bikes gone down and the Remote-HI (Karakuri?) took a wound and just entered the objectiv Room.
In Second Turn the Moran uploaded his medi-Pack. The lunokhood gone down in a fire-duell, but took his HI-Ltn with him. The Zero shooted down his Karakuri and sprinted to the upload-Station, but didn’t reached it.
The JSA tried to break the right flank, but became some heavy Aro’s by a tomcat in suppression-fire and the intruder, his doc just entered the objectiv room but didn’t reached the downloadstation.

We had to interrupt the game due too time-Problem ;-). The Nomads won, with one uploaded medi-Pack

Like always a great and funny game with akira masimoto!


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