Control of Flamia Island

The 1%

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Yu Jing
VS PanOceania

Humanity’s 1% and their fierce rivalry: NeoTerra Capitaline vs Imperial Service. 300pts Transmission Matrix, NCA win roll for first turn and pick the better table side. ISS run first turn. Command token spent by NCA to reduce battlegroup #1 by 2 orders (contains SuJian and celestial link team).

ISS#1. Opening order has the Celestial Link lay down a smoke cloud to cover the advance of the RuiShui. Evo Repeater types up an assisted fire. The attack bot moves into said cloud and opens fire against the fusilier link team, focusing on the sniper rifle. This play shows that I’m still a bit green–I have never encountered the ruling that means a link team can ignore the -6 penalty from firing back through smoke, whoops!!! Bot is shooting for 9’s on 4D20 against 18’s on 2D20… luckily burst is king and I score a crit. It spends another order to fire again against the missile launcher, but loses the f2f and dies. Thought for the day… it wasn’t a super bad play after all, but I should have at least used the smoke to get into 24″ range band, I was just out. Okay, one fusilier down, three of them are in total cover, that just leaves the missile launcher. Celestial Guard sniper takes a risk and fires at him. It’s a 5link vs 4link now, 14’s on 3d20 vs 12’s on 2d20, sniper wins.

Now the SuJian activates–another mistake, I didn’t read the mission correctly, playing it for the first time, and didn’t even realize that the objectives are repeaters–whoops!! SuJian gets hacked and immobilized by several hackers, though this does reveal an enemy swiss guard with assault hacking device. Still, the ARO’s have been neutralized, so a KuangShi heads up the other flank and into battle against an enemy Deva with combi, and catches him plus trauma doc in a chain rifle template. Deva survives and kills Kuangshi, doctor dodges.. Deva is now in NWI though. Kanren comes in as backup, unloading the boarding shotgun. Deva responds to the holoechoes by catching them all in a nanopulser–bad positioning by myself. Fortunately, Kanren passes a 50/50 BTS save, kills Deva (who turns out to be the PanO LT!). Importantly eliminates the Trauma Doc in turn, rendering the palbots waiting behind the link team heavy weapon corpers, useless.) Lastly, Kanren continues to advance and blasts a CSU, the last guard at one of the enemy transmission zones.

NCA#1. Loss of LT. A couple command tokens are cashed in to give the army a bit more reach. A hexa sniper uses its own order to appear from hidden deployment, and out-shoot the Celestial sniper. The hackers put the SuJian into another round of immobilization. The other Deva advances and guns down the Kanren, then moves to retake the friendly transmission zone on PanO territory. Hexa hacker also appears out of hidden deployment on the other PanO flank currently under attack by Kuangshi, and shoots one of them in the back. Swiss Guard moves up into better position, he’s near the repeater transmission but YuJing don’t dare try to hack him. ISS pick up 2x objective points.

ISS#2. Plan this turn is to get some Kuangshi into range to hit the overwatching Hexa Sniper with a chain rifle, but the Deva ARO needs to be answered. The Celestial team very cautiously move their men (Including LT) down from a building, partly while prone, and start a long range firefight with the Deva using combirifles. It takes a few orders to get there, but they do it. Now the other order pool can move Kuangshi up the field, into range for blasting the remaining sniper, which they manage. There are also enough orders to send yet another Kuangshi in to chain up the other hexa, the hacker. Violence ensues. The last few orders get the rest of the team into positions where they can be surely in range to control transmission zones.

NCA#2. LT is promoted, but very few orders available. The Swiss Guard hacker audaciously moves into the centre of the field, killing Kuangshi with his shock ammo. He’s more expensive than the ninja KHD in TO marker form contesting the central zone, so this is the plan for end of second game round. 2x Zones each.

ISS#3. Kuangshi close in on the exposed swiss guard, who has already taken a wound from a chainrifle ARO. They give him more of the good stuff, he bites the earth. Celestial Link lay smoke in some central fire lanes, allowing yet another KuangShi being sent up the opposite flank, avoiding enemies (there are so many corpses here), and finding a corner of a room that puts him in ZOC of enemy HVT as well as securing the transmission zone if nothing else moves there. Ninja KHD attempts to hack the fusilier hacker with a redrum–terribly stupid move, nothing at all to gain from it, and it loses me the central zone when the fusilier wins the f2f…. whoops!!!

NCA#3. The only move available is for the remaining CSU to cross the DZ horizontally, gun down the celestial guard combi covering the way, and beat out the Kuangshi for control of the friendly transmission zone. This leaves 2-2 zones held, so one objective point each.

ISS win 4-2 because of the strong opening game round of scoring. Many mistakes made this game, but it was a brutal and enjoyable one.

The 1%The 1%The 1%The 1%The 1%The 1%The 1%
Yu Jing

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  • Greg Corboy says:

    Running IS without a Sophotect?
    Isn’t that heresy?

  • Robert Berrill says:

    I think it was taking out the Doctor when the Admiral was holding only Doctor based classifieds which really did it.

    At the very least it stopped a draw, and it looked a lot like it might have been possible to pull out a win instead if that had still been on the table.

    tough, with the limited orders, but possible sure.

  • James Dumont says:

    Interesting terrain setup. At a glance it seems pretty open, but I assume you were playing that objective room as infinite height? If so there are two easy paths from one side of the table to the other offering no AROs until you get into chain rifle range. I’d expect a force heavy on spitfires, shotguns and chain rifles to do well with that kind of setup.

  • Thanedrake says:

    Great batrep as expected

  • Vaulsc says:

    I’m very happy with the number of specialists in the list, the only thing I’m not happy about was my mistakes made during the game. However, the good news that they won’t be repeated!

  • Ethan McGinn says:

    Sounds like you got pretty lucky with a couple of those exchanges of fire!
    And sniping the Lt sounds pretty key, crippling that first turn was the difference between a narrow win and a draw by the sounds.
    Still, a win against a seemingly unstoppable opponent… your deeds will be sung of through the ages!
    Given you missed on 4 potential OP on Classified Missions are you still happy with the decision to run without a range of specialists?

  • Goonhammer says:

    Great report, Commander! Very nice write up and pictures.

  • SgtHulka says:

    Truely a clash of titans! Great job breaking the Admiral’s recent streak against Yu Jing!

  • No.33 says:

    A very well done report indeed! Congrats on the hard earned win.

  • KasCer says:

    Huge thing, congratulations!

  • John Tenzer says:

    That’s some nice terrain and a very well readable report right there….! 🙂

  • McQuag says:

    congrats Vaulsec you have a big scalp there 🙂