Control of Flamia Island

Classified Onza Objectives

VS Yu Jing
Adam C.

We played a Classified objective mission at Onza. Since this is at the end of the flamestrike campaign, I am not taking the extra time to write up a fluff narrative of the game.

Turn 1 saw Adam take an early lead. He ran his bot out and it was shot by my sekban HRL. It took a wound and a second level of unconscious. He then moved out and repaired it scoring the first objective. Next he moved a hacker into position to hack the HVT. That scored him his hidden objective for a second objective. He then dropped his tiger soldier right next to the HVT. He moved in and did a “paramedic” on it and scored a 3rd objective. On my active turn I was in a bad position. I took down a HRL raiden. Then I killed his warcor. I moved my link team to engineer my own TR bot that had been shot and scored my first objective.

Turn 2. He placed his tiger soldier in suppressive fire. He killed my sekban HRL. He then started fortifying himself around the building where both HVT’s were. On my active turn, I moved up my Janissary Dr. to try and take out his tiger soldier but he fell unconscious. I also moved up a Ghulam who was killed. I began moving my Sekban Dr. from across the field towards the HVT’s. I also began moving my link closer as well.

Turn 3. He moved a FO into position and observed me scoring his 4th objective. He then became more agressive moving more people into firing positions. I was able to kill them as they moved into position. On my active turn I was now very worried. He was leading 4 objectives to 1. I moved my link team up and engaged the tiger soldier. I finally was able to knock it unconscious but lost a hafza FO in the process. I was able to move my sekban Dr. up and heal the Hafza scoring an objective. I then used the hafza to FO the tiger soldier scoring another objective. I then moved my link up again and took 2 mad traps, gluing two members of the link into place. I had moved close enough however that with my final order, the Lt. order, I was able to move my Lt. out of the link into base to base with the tiger soldier and cout de grace him. That scored me my hidden objective. We then ended the game with the same number of objectives. We agreed it was a tie with the tie breaker going to me for killing more points. It was a very close win that I thought for sure was going to be a loss until the very end.

Classified Onza ObjectivesClassified Onza ObjectivesClassified Onza ObjectivesClassified Onza ObjectivesClassified Onza Objectives

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