Control of Flamia Island

Artichoke barrage

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VS Nomads

This Fight happened the same night as the last quadrant control mission against my good buddy Zach over at his house. But for this game his luck turned around and just completely destroyed me. I had a pretty terrible deployment zone where I had to pretty much line up all my infantry to get them ready to open the center room and claim the antenna. On turn one for both of us we maneuvered into capturing our own antennas and trying to get into positions for the next round’s barrage of infantry being thrown at each other. More or me than him. I ran a Kotail Mobile Unit through the door on the second turn trying to get into the room but he was able to blast me apart with several flamethrower rolls. There is not really a huge story to be told. I just kept throwing units into the room to kill him off and also take the center antenna back to try to get the last second victory.

Artichoke barrageArtichoke barrageArtichoke barrageArtichoke barrageArtichoke barrageArtichoke barrage

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