Control of Flamia Island

God damn Tom Cat

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VS Nomads

This mission surprisingly started off well for me rather than it usually does against my good friend Zach and his damn Nomads. For the start of the mission Zach has chose to go first and on that first turn he advanced his whole force up to the center line of the battle field claiming as much as he could with all of his infantry units. Not a single one of my snipers were able to shoot off against the Nomads during their first turn as he threw plenty of smoke covering the sights of both of my Kamael snipers and just tried to completely avoid all visuals from my Gao Rael sniper on the roof top who would be able to look completely through his regular smoke. Onto Tohaa’s first turn all of the Nomad’s smokes were lifted and I was able to start firing at everything that were in either up in my quadrants or the Nomad’s left flank. To be honest this whole game was Zach getting diced. One after another, he would roll a 3 to hit and I would roll a 4 to top his roll. This pretty much happens throughout the first two turns. On turn 3 he was able to use his one tomcat I completely forgotten about in my deployment zone to come over and take out my sniper link, some of my baggage Chaksas and nearly my LT. On my very last turn I just called it game because there was no other way I could catch the tomcat.

God damn Tom CatGod damn Tom CatGod damn Tom CatGod damn Tom Cat

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