Control of Flamia Island

This site has 57 achievements, and the last unlocked was Conscripted by  xaerin.

All of the available achievements with the name, avatar, and karma points for each.
Achievement Name XP Description
Achievement Name XP Description
10th Commendation 100

Awarded for receiving 10 recommendations for commendation.

1st Commendation 10

Awarded for receiving 1 recommendations for commendation.

25th Commendation 250

Awarded for receiving 25 recommendations for commendation.

50th Commendation 500

Awarded for receiving 50 recommendations for commendation.

5th Commendation 50

Awarded for receiving 5 recommendations for commendation.

Blooded 50

Awarded for publishing 5 battle reports.

Comms Specialist 1st Class 500

Awarded for reaching 200 published comments.

Comms Specialist 2nd Class 250

Awarded for reaching 100 published comments.

Comms Specialist 3rd Class 100

Awarded for reaching 50 published comments.

Comms Specialist 4th Class 20

Awarded for reaching 20 published comments.

Comms Specialist 5th Class 1

Awarded for publishing your first comment.

Conscripted 5

You have registered your commander profile.

Enter the War 5

Awarded for publishing your first battle report.

Flamia’s Rock 25

Awarded when you have 10 battle reports published with a draw.

Hammer of Flamia 50

Awarded when you have 10 battle reports published with a win.