Control of Flamia Island



For an army of limited numbers, such as the Nomad Military Force, simultaneously engaging in multiple combat zones reduces the forces deployed to each zone exponentially. To avoid being outnumbered, the Nomads distribute their units with consideration for the opposition expected in each location. The wide dispersion of the Nomad forces throughout the Flamia island territory had the obvious consequence of leaving its rearguard and headquarters—a place considered safe—insufficiently protected. The Nomad Military Force did not have enough units in the field to have more than a small garrison force to protect the Aranda Astrologistical Center. It seems the Combined Army intelligence service, probably through the covert activity of Shasvastii operatives, was aware of this fact. The alien forces launched a strong airborne offensive against the Astrological Center, which nearly drove out the scarce Nomad security team, and established a beachhead in the area.
The Aranda Center is a location of interest, as it provides the Combined Army with a safe and versatile insertion point against to the rearguard of our forces. It is vital to recover control of this location as soon as possible to stabilize the Flamia frontline as a starting point for the expulsion of the Combined Army forces from the island.

Saladin, O-12 Liaison Officer. Initial meetings of the Paradiso Coordinated Command. Map Room of the O-12 mothership Unbreakable Will. Paradiso System.


As we reach the half way point of this campaign, word is reaching us of significant movements of Combined Army forces towards and around Paradiso.

Expect more theatres of operations to open up as Combined Army Make their push deeper into Flamia Island. As more of the Island falls opens up which faction is going to have the resource and discipline to capture those all important Theatres?

Perhaps alliances will be the key… expect more on those soon

In the mean time Aranda is there for the taking!


  • McQuag says:

    well its about time we had another update 🙂 get the fire burning again..

  • Steve Rogers says:

    AND … I will soon be punished for Misspelling the name of my own Nation …. that’s education on Dawn for ya’

  • Steve Rogers says:

    The contradictions of your entire statement make me laugh. Again, PanO publishes another statement saying ALL other factions are greedy and blinded by greed. Then, they say that THEY are THE ONLY ones that are good enough to fight. I have a reality check for you PanO. You think you are the savior of humanity, but in reality, you will be it’s downfall. Ariana is the key to defeating the Combined threat. We do not have Cubes so their VooDoo tech has no effect on us. Also, we suffer true death, so we fight HARDER because we have EVERYTHING to lose. Every moment could be our last.

  • Jorge de Capadocia says:

    All factions are fighting against an invisible enemy, their own greed and ambitions, you are only wasting valuable resources, resources you could be using for escaping from this imminent threat that you are obviously not prepared to fight. Only the Holy Military Orders of PanOceanian forces, have the bless and the divine right to face this threat. this is the reason for our existence, to burn the enemy with the holy fire of our weapons and remove the impurities of their souls.

    We are not going to be responsible if any other unprepared faction want to join the fight, we just say that if you stay on our path, we are not going to have any mercy, if you block our path you block the path of justice and you are going to be judged.

    – General Jorge de Capadocia of the Santiago de Compostela Order.

  • AikasMX says:

    I just want to say that this is so convenient for Yu-Jing and PanOs. They work so dirty that maybe is not just a conicidence… Just remember that the enemy of my enemy is not always a good friend…

  • Steve Rogers says:

    I also want to commend ALL of my brethren through ALL nations. We have come together to control the majority of Aranda. Keep it up Comrades, we are fighting for humanity. Lets show them what we can do when we stick together! We can be the first race in the universe to push this threat back!! Humanity is the key, even the Tohaa know that!!

  • Steve Rogers says:

    oh and … @Masterofmelee … IF words are wind, …. yours are the ones that pass through by backside……

  • Steve Rogers says:

    @Masterofmelee – did you not get the message? This is about all of us as a race. In our attempt to unite all of humanity against this alien threat AND Propaganda, you have the nerve to perpetuate the very thing that is tearing us apart! You are putting Yu Jing ABOVE ALL other races. Well, how long will you stand against the Combined if you end up standing alone? If you keep putting yourselves ABOVE ALL other nations, this is where you will stand: ALONE, in the dark, and you will be consumed. We need to recognize that WE ALL have a place in the Sphere, and WE ALL deserve equal respect. We MUST unite, or we will lose this WAR, not just a measly island.

  • Voltaire says:

    “It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind.” – Voltaire

    If we wish to survive while retaining our human sovereignty, we must stop our infighting if we wish to survive the alien onslaught. I fully believe in the resolve that humanity can muster when united against the common threat of the Combined Army. We will be the rock to break the tide of the alien threat.

    -Vive L’Ariadna
    -Vive L’Humanite

    Le Commandement de la Légion étrangère
    of the Merovingian Garrison on Flamia Island

  • Masterofmelee says:

    Words are wind, Commanders. Look at the state of the Island. Only Yujing has dedicated significant resources to push back the Combined at their new Base of operations!!

    Join us in our efforts, as allowing the aliens to set up a beachhead on this Island is the beginning of the end.!

  • Begbie says:

    Reyt – the wee monkeys are at our door and they’ve made it painfully obvious that our infighting has let them establish a significant beach head. My people have been dying at the spaceport fighting the combined army. Ariadnan blood. No cubes, no magical resurrection – real sacrifice. The rest of you need to realise that these aliens pose a real and imminent threat to our lives and the lives of our families – screw politics and propaganda – if people keep playing the blame game we’ll all be dead and no one will be around to care… Ps if you wanna win against these invaders you might want the support of those of us who can’t have our brains hacked by alien tech – just sayin

  • Steve Rogers says:
  • Steve Rogers says:

    We Combine our forces for defense, you combine forces to conquer. You say you bring peace and unity, but follow that up by saying you must purge us from our homeland. We are forced to defend against you because you threaten us with death and destruction.

    On the bright side, you may be the very foe we need to unite as a race. Your presence might bring us peace and prosperity, but it will be at your demise.

  • Tsadilas says:

    So what make you human diferent than us(CA) you combine your forces to conquer.But we combine all races regardless of origin for univarsal peace and unity you are the abomination of this world and should be purged cause you only bring death and destruction.

  • Steve Rogers says:

    I am calling for all Nations of the Human Sphere to propose a cease fire in all respective areas and fight over Aranda to drive out the threat there. If we force each other to constantly defend our positions, then Combined will run away with Flamia.

  • Steve Rogers says:

    Ariana would like to press further into Aranda, but PanO is starting to target us again. We have to break through the PanO blockade to help our fellow human nations out. It is time to focus on Driving out the Alien threat rather than fight over small areas of the Island. We are all holed up in our respective areas, and if we stay this way we only wait for certain defeat. It is time to quit fighting over scraps of land, and fight for Humanity!.

  • Bituman says:

    Draker it seems that only forces of Yu-Jing Empire and soldiers from Ariadna engaged alien forces. Where are Nomad forces were are PanO knights? Hiding in fear?

  • Peregrin says:


    I’ve read some of those Pano reports. You’re right. They do seem quite dense.

  • Alphast says:

    All Ariadnans are united behind the High Command to repel the Combined Army invasion. All Ariadnans welcome other forces help in Aranda. Petty politics and glorious words are for sweethearts with remote presence. Real women and men fight the aliens mano a mano!

  • Draker says:

    Oh, so the CA decided to attack ONLY this place, JUST NOW? really BoW? 🙂 . Interesting (and fun).

    So, this is obviously an ‘alliance/pact’ between the CA abomination and Yujing dirty Hiperpower to make Nomads reduce their incursions towards north and defend their homeland… and more comfortable stance on the island for Yujing, no other explanation. More after the batte of the two head commanders that Yujing won 🙁 .

    Be all aware of this dirty/convenient pact and do not believe in the false propaganda.!!

    But do not worry, as bigger is the challenge, the most the Nomads will raise and defend against the ‘enemies’.

    Let’s see when new locations are open BoW… and where… to let Yujing win the campaign ? 🙂 will not happen so easily!! 🙂 (lets continue the fun)

  • Steve Rogers says:

    This message goes out to all the Human Sphere! I am Brigadier General Steve Rogers of the USAriadna Ranger Force, one of the High Command. I can tell you that we have been organized and clear on all orders. ANY false accusation of Merc forces acting under our command is a LIE. Our sole purpose is to help unite ALL humanity, yes even you Pan O, against this alien threat. WE are not motivated by greed, WE are not here to subjugate ANY nation, WE did not strike against our brothers first! We are here to prove that we all need each other in this time of need, and that we aren’t afraid to stand up against superior numbers.

    Instead of trying to take from each other, we should all fight against the Alien scum that is trying to take EVERYTHING for themselves.

    TOGETHER we can conquer, DIVIDED we WILL fail.

    It’s time to look at the bigger picture and figure out a real solution. Until next time ….

    Steve Rogers, … Out.

  • Luisjoey says:

    @Pendragonstn is not looking at the map!

    For WEEKS Combined army has been storming SAGRES that became a impenetrable fortress to their evil intentions, Hold by PANOCEANIA FORCES!

    Human Sphere Weak spot, Nomads, focusing on retreat the Haqqislam from Tian xian did leave it open for the combined Army.

    PANOCEANIA will support the position and send humanitarian help for refugees and wounded, regardless of the faction.

    But dont misunderstand…. Anyone seem contributing to the CA or disrupting serius PANOCEANIA operations, will be put to the summary justice in situ.

    We have been betrayed at tian xian and auxilia component was attacked by Ariadna Mercenaries, stating they get wrong instructions of their command. Ariadna Citizen… who are your commanders? who control your forces? O-12 will receive a Dense Report about the annormality of your presence, beyond the pacted here at flamia.

    At this moment we face the horrors of extinction as species and way of life, PANOCEANIA will is unbreakable since we are the Stone of the Civilization, here and for the entire Human Sphere.

    Auxilia Components and some military orders are issued to support the hold of tian xian for human sphere.

    Stop INMEDIATELY any disruption to our operations… i repeat …. INMEDIATELY stop any disruption.

    Our Cause its Holy and if god is with us… whom will opose us?


    – Father Knight General Luisjoey of the Santiago de Leon Order.

  • Majorpain says:

    The combined army cannot be allowed this beach head I call on all those who stand against the combined to stand as one and drive these aliens offworld. No one nation can hold back the tide but together we are stronger then the sum of our parts

    Commander pain
    1st flammian phalanx

  • Alphast says:

    I am noting that only Ariadnans and PanOceanians have the necessary advance to commit resources to counter CA in Aranda.

  • Tsadilas says:

    Yes i agree all aliens should leave from flamia.This area belongs to the free people of Combined army.Human propaganda is not welcome anymore

  • The Syndicate says:

    We are starting our first attack run this afternoon – The Syndicate

  • AdmiralJCJF says:

    Despite the envious looks, whining and complaining behind us PanOceania will continue to stand as the bulwark against the Combined Army.
    Just as our fleet stands alongside Yu Jing maintaining the Arceron blockade, our soldiers will stand shoulder to shoulder with the brave fighters of Haqqislam in their ongoing defense of Western Flamia.
    Neither human terrorists, nor the evil of the EI will deter us.
    We stand as the shield behind which humanity shelters, ever aided by our creation and greatest resource, Aleph.

    Flamia will not fall.

  • Stormbringer333 says:

    Alright, time to log 20 games here haha!

  • Bituman says:

    Don’t worry Empire forces will make sure Flamia is free from all alien influence.

  • Pendragon says:

    Lies and slander can be thrown back and forth, but the plain fact of the matter is the Combined Army has taken a stronghold on the Nomads doorstep. If the convicts had heeded the warnings from Panoceania perhaps they wouldn’t be in this predicament. What is done is done, but the good people of TianXian do not have to worry, Panoceania forces are prepared to provide the defense the Nomads could not.

  • Pendragonstn says:

    Panoceania representatives continue with their false propaganda. They only stopped their war crimes against the people of Ariadna on Camp Antela when they realized that the Combined Army had launched a full offensive on Sagres Orbital Tracking Station and decided to pull back their forces to defend it. Now, with utmost arrogance, they display themselves as the only ones fighting the real enemy when they should have been doing that from the first day. While it is certainly positive that they realized their mistakes I’m afraid that by spreading lies like that, they might still have their minds on conquering the island.

    However, Panoceania is not the only Hyperpower that seems to have severely disregarded the warnings of the Tohaa.Yu Jing forces have also committed shameful acts of war in the island. The Advanced Medical Complex in Narooma has been invaded far too many times and still with our forces so low only because we have established guards to protect the facility and not military forces for open war, we have repeled the invasion with minimal casualties.

    The Tohaa Trinormial has warned the Human Sphere about the danger the Combined Army poses to not only humanity, but the whole universe. You are a young race and you have much to learn from our people, after all we are the only civilization that the Evolved Intelligence has encountered and was not able to subdue. If you keep ignoring our warnings, humanity will suffer a most terrible fate, as have many other races before.

    The Tohaa have no desire in getting involved in childish acts of showing dominance over anyone. We only require the invasions on Narooma are stopped so our esteemed scientists can continue their work which is critical for the survival of humanity and our people. Only then, we might be able redistribute our forces and reinforce other fronts in the island that are fighting against the Combined Army.

  • Yasashii Fuyu says:

    Ha, obviously the Nomads didn’t even manage to defend their own home turn, they were quivering in fear of the Yu-Jing Army Boot stomping them into the ground,

    Squabble all you want, in the end it will be Yu-Jing who rightfully controls Flamia.

  • Peregrin says:

    Don’t worry about Pano propaganda. They claimed their illegal attacks on our camp at Antela was a police action. It’s not even worth giving the time to read it. – Commander Peregrin, Merovingian Garrison, Camp Antela, Flamia Island, Paradiso

  • Durian Khaar says:

    *cough* you have realized the fight of Nomads and Haqqislam in TianXian ?

  • Cothel says:

    Only Pano? Really? Tohaa have been the ONLY thing that has slowed down the Combined Army. Why do you think we have so few forces here? The rest of my people are doing their best to keep the Combined Army from overrunning the entire galaxy!

  • Rocketownz says:

    And still, despite the threat imposed by the invaders it’s only PanOceania who stands against them, while the others are fighting for their pityful ambitions of dominance.