Control of Flamia Island

We are 48hrs into the campaign, so we decided to take a look at Troop Deployments and Movements that have occurred in these crucial early hours.

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  • Alex Benton says:

    Never mind, the answer was at the -end- of the video! Ta,

  • Alex Benton says:

    How do you actually get to the briefing rooms that were mentioned?

  • warzan says:

    I may make the odd mistake during these, the data we use for the reports is not reported battles but generated missions, more of an Intel type thing where we are looking at what might happen. We are still improving the data, and charts and graphs I have for the show, during recording they were quite dense (stuff I was looking at not showing on screen) and there is alot of variables from which to try and pick out threads of possible stories from 🙂

    Look at the pie charts on the homepage that is actual points scored, if a faction has control their icon appears in the main map beside the theatre 🙂

    Fog of war folks, effects everything 😉

  • Luisjoey says:

    Good briefing! Keep doing in the intel! Its amazing campaing!

  • The Syndicate says:

    NICE !!! GET Some GET some !!!