Control of Flamia Island

Submitting a Battle Report is easy, just follow these steps

Step 1: Make sure you have an account and are logged in


Step 2: Click the ‘Generate Mission’ Link


Step 3: Generate a Mission for you and your opponent to play, on this screen you can select the theatre you wish to play in and either the official mission for that theatre, or a custom mission of your own.


Step 4: Your Mission Will be Generated. You can then select your newly created mission, to edit it.


Step 5: You will see a handy check list of things you can do to improve your battle report and earn extra XP!


Step 6: By clicking the edit button you will be able to update the various fields and information in your battle report.


Step 7: As you update aspects of your battle report and when you publish it, you will receive additional XP to improve your rank!



  • Lyraeus says:

    This will be fun. I can use this to express the writer’s side of me

  • tyrannosaurus69 says:

    I also need to delete a report as I posted it on the wrong account.

  • Digenoi Acheron says:

    Is there some way to delete a battle report and start over. I linked with my opponent before finishing it so I can’t actually complete the form any longer.

  • Trulseren says:

    Can you create a “search” function for the participants? Browsing 2000 players alphabetically with ten players per page gets tedious…

    Also, some sort of “regular opponent” feature so I don’t have to memorize or write down every repeat opponent’s code would be great

  • DOOMLANGER says:

    how do i take a duplicate report off if the reporting seemed to go wrong?

  • Spamelot says:

    Does only one player submit the battle mission? Or do both players need to recorrecord results to get points/xp etc?

  • SergeantTompkins says:

    What does XP do for you?