Control of Flamia Island

We are now over 200hrs into the campaign, here is the story of what is taking place all over Flamia.

Remember if you spot something strange or buggy or just have a suggestion please drop an email to [email protected]


  • Nazroth says:

    Guys – I love your work – but briefing rooms that you so much suggest to visit – these are very poor. At some point we talked about switching to a free forum, or facebook group. Not able to edit posts when they’re not the last ones, not able to pin a topic? How are we supposed to communicate ;/? Please – adress these issues…

  • nasicato says:

    Tohaa, the little faction that could.

  • Vanther says:

    I agree with that. As Tohaa, we are the smallest group, but also the group with better win/lose ratio (1.6). And all that we can do is defend Narooma from 500 YuJing players.

  • Draker says:


    Here is another (perhaps crazy) idea for a more balanced campaign due to the different number of comanders for each factions.

    Well, someone before have proposed a weekly limit of matchs. But his will penalize the people who wants to play more and let’s be honest, we all want big numbers.
    But, what about if instead of plain numbers we use percent numbers? for example:

    Lets say faction 1 have 100 comanders. And faction 2 have 10. So, for each battle reported we calculate their score based on the total active comanders (set a minium of battles to not allow fake accounts that could decrease the numbers) divided by wins.
    So, instead of controling a zone by having 300 reports, control it by having 300 points scored.

    Practical example:

    At the end of the day, faction 1 reported 10 wins, and faction 2 reported 3 win. The total score added to their pools will be:
    faction_1 => 10 win / 100 active comanders = 0.1 points.
    faction_2 => 3 wins / 10 active comanders = 0.3 points.

    So in the end of the day, faction 2 had a better impact on the zone.

  • Raindog says:

    Thank you for running this campaign. It is everything I like about gaming. Not only do local players have an excuse for playing, not that they really need one, but it give players a way to highlight their games and hobby.

    By allowing players to list their forces, take photos, and embellish their battles, it gives me a chance to see how players from around the world play.

    I like seeing how other players I know, but live in other cities do.


  • McQuag says:

    Was wondering what the contact details for you guys are Warzan?
    Had an idea on the Yu-jing forums about people getting a force gallery picture on their commander pages to show the models seemed a few liked the idea?
    also have you noticed the error on the Blooded achievment it came up after 5 games not 10.

  • The Syndicate says:

    NICE !!!!

  • Chibiru says:

    ¿Could it be possible to have subtitles? 😛

    Great job anyway

  • Cook Ting says:

    Hey @Frostfyre, Thanks for the encouragement man. Much appreciated. I’ve already got games scheduled; we’ll see what happens.

    And @Warzan, XD I think your right, I think I should spend more time focusing on how to stomp on dirty space hippies (The only other local player, plays Nomads) than the campaign structure.

  • McQuag says:

    Been some good times so far 🙂

  • Cazboab says:

    Warzan, yeah I know it’s the same for everyone I’m just saying that personally I probably won’t be able to achieve it, due to a very small player base (and that’s the reason I was asking for the looking for games board) seriously, Paisley/Glasgow feels a bit like a black hole for infinity sometimes. I’m not saying its impossible, just that it’s very specific, and in fact I don’t think I actually could have earned it in Antela, Sebbeklang just booted pan-o from control there and got the held the line acheivment.

  • warzan says:

    Hi Cazboab

    I’m just letting you know the circumstances that unlock that particular achievement (it’s the same for everyone)

    And I kinda wish you guys would just get on with playing games rather than second guessing the system lol 🙂

    There are no negative modifiers in the system that you can trigger, so whether you play the controlling faction or another faction you yourself cannot negatively effect anyone elses or any factions scores. (Unlocking achievements are for doing good work or for particularly spectacular narrative moments along the time line of the campaign) 🙂

    We designed it so there is really nothing ‘negative’ about playing whatever games you want or can 🙂

  • Cazboab says:

    Warzan, I have one player I can play against any more than once in a blue moon. he could run pan-o if I lone him my models, but that seems like it’s stacking the deck in my favor to get internet points, which is exactly the kind of thing(or the perception of it at least) that caused the argument over Antela in the first place.

  • warzan says:

    Hey Cazboab

    In that battle did you actually play against the controlling faction?

    It’s a pretty narrative achievement so it’s based on you actually siezing control by defeating the holding faction, not one of the other factions.

  • Cazboab says:

    PMs here would be good, but can we get a public forum to arrange games etc in? Or even just someone from each faction that volunteers to sort out a regional list of folk looking for games in the other factions and post it in their briefing room?

    As for AdmiralJCJF, the main gripe I have is you’ve given battle reports titles that imply they’re not actually in Antela, and by you registering so often in Antela it makes it seem less valuable for any of the Ariadna players to play anywhere else (personally I love playing in the jungle cos it makes me feel a little better about having made all these bloody trees).

    Warzan RE Storm the gates, I think you might have to take it from one faction to the other in one battle, I know I’ve bumped Antela from neutral/contested to Ariadna once and didn’t get it, I’m all for difficult achievements, but this one just seems a bit more specific than it needs to be, take that as sour grapes if you will.

  • Rocketownz says:

    Oh, and one more thing. Could we have something like private messages here?

  • warzan says:

    Is there a chance your perhaps over reacting here a little folks.

    We’ll be approaching 2000 battles in the system soon, yet we think one person’s 19 battles is having a drastic effect?

    We designed this to allow folks to have fun, if the guy is on your faction you should worship him if he’s doing quality battles, if he’s not the you should fear him and get into the briefing rooms to discuss taking him down 😉 (in a fun narrative way of course)

    War is not only about you and what you are capable of, there are thousands of you now, use strategies and communication to ensure your factions have the best and most efficient responses to all of this 🙂

    There is some very specific circumstances for ‘stormed the gates’ – I just can’t remember exactly what they are right now, but I’ll feed back here 🙂

  • OccamsTaser says:

    I second the idea of a weekly limit. It’s awesome that some of us have the time and ability to get in a game a day, but for the vast majority, it’s just not feasible. 1, maybe 2 games a week is far more likely. When a singular player with a far more free time than the average can alter the the balance so drastically, change is needed. And I don’t begrudge anyone who has been able to score that many points, that’s awesome they have that much love for the game.

  • Lt. Aldo Raine says:

    @AdmiralJCJF I don’t think that you personally are having a negative effect on anybody. I think it’s just a piece of the system that needs to be tweaked. You obviously are fortunate to have the means to play lots of games, and you are good at winning! I think it’s great you play so much. I’ve also been able to play more games than the average person, and against mostly newer players so I’ve been able to get a couple wins in. I think it’s tricky to address, because as I said no one should be punished for playing lots and having fun and contributing the campaign. I just think that as this is a beta, there are balancing issues to be tweaked. I don’t know what the answer is, if 7/week is the right number, or maybe a certain number of games per theater per week. Anyway, maybe one day I’ll have the privilege of facing you :). Cheers.

  • AdmiralJCJF says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that my play is having an negative impact on other people.

    To be fair I’ve posted reports against no less than 5 different opponents during the campaign so far.

    If it makes you feel any better I’ve actually played more games than I’ve posted, so the daily limit is already a factor. But I still agree that a weekly limit might also be effective. 2/day with no more than 7/week would actually be a very positive change.

    I’m curious as to why there is only one person with the “storming the gates” achievement if there has been more than one sector fall to an enemy faction. Surely there should always be one commander who posts the critical game that pushes their faction over the line in a region to win it?

    Nevertheless, congratulations to A Mao Esquera, your contribution to the PanOceania campaign to secure Flamia Island will be remembered.


  • Frostfyre says:

    Cook Ting…..Yes it’s a tournament, sure you can hurt the team score……WHO CARES!! Playing and ENJOYING the game should be priority number 1. Also a little more gaming wisdom the only way to get better is to play more and figure out what works for YOU!!
    I will tell you as a real USA Marine combat veteran that there are amazing commanders there are commanders who just need to figure it out.

    Just remember cook Ting “Seller Fi” as long as your faithful to your faction you are helping.

  • Lt. Aldo Raine says:

    Great job so far guys! LOVING flamestrike. Best thing to happen to wargaming in a long time.

    1) The forums are really hard to find. I think a lot of players don’t know where to look. I think briefing room should be on the main tab bar.

    2) I don’t know if you’ve noticed this in the forums, but there’s a lot of frustration with Admiral JCJF (who you actually mentioned). He has been playing an extremely high amount of games (he has 46 points to the nearest 15 points in PanO, only Yu Jing and Aleph have commanders with 18 points, the rest are at 15 or 12 or lower). His games are also concentrated largely in Antela (33 points, nearly a quarter of PanO’s total amount of points in that camp), and many against the same players. I realize this is hard to address, because why should someone be punished for having a small gaming group, or winning lots in their gaming group? I don’t think this should be the case at all. Yet, at the same time, especially for smaller factions like Ariadna it’s extremely frustrating when no one has the time to play as many games as a single player, and in fact I think it is demoralizing some players to the point where they don’t care to contribute. I don’t know what the solution is, but maybe allowing 2 games per day is too many. Perhaps a better solution would be a weekly limit? Given that all the other top commanders in each faction have 15-18 points, and this has been running for over a week now, perhaps a better limit would be 7 batreps per week?

    Again, great work. Can’t wait to see what improvements are around the corner!

  • warzan says:

    Commander search is absolutely on the todo list, we just have some important core engine stuff to wrap up first 🙂

  • TehMik says:

    “Cook Ting: Could you add a search function to the commander page?”

    Oh my god, this.

    But that’s really my only complaint. This has been a great event, and has really boosted interested in my FLGS as well as at home, with my wife now making it her goal to beat me.

  • Rocketownz says:

    All hail the HyperPower!

  • Markdark says:

    The island will be of Panoceania.

  • Cook Ting says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’m really digging the campaign, and so first of all thank you for running it. I only wish I had more time in which, and more people with which to play, but it looks like there will be a tournament in my local area which will give me an opportunity to get some more games in there.

    I had a couple of comments and questions.The big question I have is, what exactly affects the campaign game state? I ask this particularly because while I enjoy the game and the hobby a lot, I’m not very good. I hate to feel like my lack of skills are actively hurting my chosen faction. Am I helping my faction by posting bat reps, and rating and commenting on other peoples? Or, is it only objective points that affect the campaign?

    Its currently a little hard to look up your friends battle reports and stats. Could you add a search function to the commander page? Another issue I have been having is uploading pictures. I can get them up, but its a little tricky, and the site doesn’t allow you to rotate or reorder them which makes presenting a narrative with them a little bit tricky. Any tips or tricks for getting the most out of the photos you post? The campaign has been motivating me to paint my models before I post pictures of them to the wider community, and I’ve been seeing a lot of other people posting different hobby updates on the Facebook groups as they get into the campaign. It would be cool if there was an area on the campaign site to post miscellaneous things related to the hobby that people are doing as part of the campaign. We have a lot of talented painters and crafters out there. I would love to see what they’re up to.

    I am looking forword to my next game, and the next update. Thanks again,

    Cook Ting