Control of Flamia Island

That’s it folks, it’s been an amazing journey with all of you and we’re as sad to see it end as much as you are. Operation Flamestrike is over!

I’ll be talking about some record breaking statistics and what a ride it’s been over the past few months.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the campaign, please post them below. In the meantime, stay tuned for more insights on what took place on Flamia Island.

Have you enjoyed Operation Flamestrike?


  • Luisjoey says:

    Was a great campaing, saddly PanO didnt take it all over but we did held from the combined army, driving them off the island!

    waiting for further campaing and events, you did great and well #DEUSVULT!

  • Volgo says:

    Very stimulating and fun event, Thank you very much!

  • Silveryn says:

    Losses counted towards games played and therefore your rank, so I liked that.
    I second the change of win condition. And maybe a shorter campaign of 5 to 7 weeks instead of 10.
    Having a schedule at the beginning would be nice too. Like a “week 4 will see 3 new places open and week 6 will blah blah blah”. Maybe stages? Like 3 weeks of beach assault, 2 weeks of defense against Combined, then 2 weeks of counter attack with each stage having a different goal. Something like that to focus people.

  • Zenon Berg says:

    Big thanks do you guys! This campaign gave me the final push I needed to get my army on the table. I’d started reading the rulebook shortly after the campaign started, so I think of it as a major achievement that I was able to log ~13 games. It also had me looking for ways to expand my opponent (and therefore player) base.

    By big beef: losses counted for nothing 🙁 As a new player, it seemed really painful to take the time to edit and publish an AAR for no gain. It would have helped with a little of the desperation of a new player. It might also have taken a bit of the competitive edge off in a good way, and encouraged me to be a better sport through some of it.

    Linked reports also seemed like they should have had a little more incentive.

    All-in-all (from someone who really only started in the last 2-3 weeks), well done! An inspiration! Thank you!

    Deus est cum nobis,
    -Col Hospitaller Zenon

  • Majorpain says:

    I thought it was fun if a little bit tireing but thats a beta test for you theres bound to be some hiccups along the way. As for suggestion for future campaigns maybe diffetent win conditions. All out war doesnt fit the idea of infinity its more of a warhammer thing and it really favours the more popular factions with more players. Maybe do something like give each faction a different secret objective known only to the high commanders to avoid spies and have them organise their troops to fulfill their objectives

  • Cook Ting says:

    Vivat Master of Melees, Vivat Beasts of War, Vivat the Emperor!

  • McQuag says:

    Awesome stuff will gather my thoughts on the whole Event, but if anything I’ve played 20-25 games of Infinity with a load of people 🙂