Control of Flamia Island

If you haven’t reported battles for Agoge, Skillion or Onza, best get started as Operation Flamestrike will be coming to an end soon!

Let’s take a look at these battlegrounds and the missions they offer.


Agoge Centre

The first of the theatres we’re looking at is Agoge Centre which allows you to play out the mission, Frontline. Currently the area is in the hands of Ariadna but that could swing if you manage to get more boots on the ground.

Mount Skillion

Secondly we have the high peaks of Mount Skillion where PanOceania are in control right now. They have been fighting out the mission Supremacy here. While PanOceania hold sway here the Combined Army aren’t far behind.

Onza Government Headquarters

Last but not least we have the Onza Government Headquarters where you can fight out the mission, Nimbus Zone. This is a bit more built up than the others and should prove to provide us with some interesting close quarters fighting.

Currently the forces of Haqqislam hold sway here but Yu Jing are pressing hard!

Get Your Battle Reports In

Operation Flamestrike will be coming to an end soon! So, if you have some Battle Reports you’ve yet to upload make sure to get them in.

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You might still be able to make a difference so consider joining in and fighting out a few battles!

It’s been great seeing how the battles have unfolded and which factions are beginning to make their presence felt as we close in towards the end of the campaign.

Who do you think will come out on top?


  • McQuag says:

    there may well be a campaign next year using lessons learned from this oone from what they said in one of the videos.

  • Daniel Darko says:

    I’ve stumbled upon this campaign yesterday. -.- Hm, what is left to do?
    Well, maybe there will be other campaigns soon. 😉

  • Zenon Berg says:

    The uncertainty of the armistice (end date) is driving me loopy 😀 I want a couple more days as Fridays seems to be a major confrontation day (FLGS with lots of bodies). Hopefully it’ll be open for me to fight and log those battles 😀

    Deus est cum nobis,
    -Hospitaller Knight Zenon

  • Garak says:

    Meh, we (Human Sphere) own all these areas. CA got kicked out of all of them.

  • Skeltor says:

    Doesn’t seem like we’re very close to win any of these.