Control of Flamia Island

Welcome to Operation Flamestrike folks, a new Infinity Global Online Campaign from Corvus Belli and Beasts of War.

We are running for the next 10 weeks and you can expect the following:

  • More Missions as the action unfolds
  • Amazing Battle Submitted from the amazing Infinity Community
  • Prizes and Rewards (More on that in the near future)
  • Dedicated Shows talking about the effects of the campaign on Flamia and the wider Infinity Universe
  • The best reasons you have ever had to get some great games of infinity in!

We are just getting started and this is the first run out of the ‘warconsole system’ from beasts of war, so it is still very much in beta (so bear with us lol), and if you spot something strange or buggy or just have a suggestion please drop an email to [email protected]


  • Thanedrake says:

    Yu jing shall reclaim it’s birthright

  • Dr No says:

    Yu Jing for the win. Accept no debate.

  • Jek Ghulam says:

    Wait until you see what the Nomads have planned next!

  • Linaruz says:

    Hello Guys , i played a U.S.A. Aridna Army and i like the Models !

  • Linaruz says:

    Aridna will Win!

  • McQuag says:

    My Yan huo will bring the fireworks to help the Emperor celebrate.

  • The Invincible Army says:

    Intel received commander, we are assembling a crack team of the State Empire’s finest Invincibles and special units to combat the enemy threat!

  • wazarov says:

    one more question: where do i get this (Opponent Battle Code) ?
    i don`t even see mine that is if i have one.

  • wazarov says:

    so the “Generate mission” is a log to lock in what mission you played and whether you won or lost? easy enough.

  • The Syndicate says:

    Life lesson for all players – BIG TEAR DROP TEMPLATES HURT !!!

  • Thyranicus says:

    Infinty Rules!! Yeaaaaaaaaah!!! 🙂

  • Alex Benton says:

    It all looks like it’s kicking into a higher gear, but I think what we could do with is more idea of what the ‘other’ factions (i.e. not Yu Jing, not Haqqislam, not PanO, Ariadna or Tohaa) should be trying to do. It’s not all that clear from the campaign pack…

    Also it’s not all that clear if those of us who have done ‘custom’ missions will count or not? The option is there for them to be included…

  • Tupinamba says:

    Awesome initiative! Thanks guys!

  • General Zuo says:


  • thepoorman says:

    So it really is as simple as registering (which I have), getting your opponent(s) to register, and then play any of the scenarios as outlined in the Campaign Briefing and then reporting the details of the game in the “Generate Mission” link?

  • LogicCrash says:

    Let’s get this party started.

  • wazarov says:

    hi guys, i want to get in the campaign but i`m not sure how this works and what`s going on, can any body enlighten me on the process please? thank you.

  • Zenn says:

    Definitely getting into in on our Friday meet-ups. Flamia Fridays here we come!

  • Kristoph says:

    Won a game tonight with a rasyat showing up to work.
    Boss mode engaged. Man I love spitfires!
    Death to the tohaa! None shall stand against the Morats!

  • RattlerNxt says:

    I’ve got a Nerd Rager! So yea. I am very excited.

  • DeadProust says:

    This is super exciting, and I hope it goes well enough we have these all the time! Good luck everyone!

  • September says:

    Simple and cool,I like it!!!!

  • dogeofwar says:

    Let’s do thisssssss

  • GremlinKing says:

    I’m getting started this Thursday… TOoooooHAA for the win!

  • Alex Benton says:

    Great campaign platform and pack. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

  • KuVenet says:

    The Yu Jing Empire shall bring honor and victory to Paradiso!

  • Gera5915 says:

    This looks great guys, keep it up

  • Luisjoey says:

    Amazing! This take us for surprise! we want to play and uphold our faction Honor! Military Orders shall triumph! Cheers from CalabozoCriollo Venezuela!

  • The Syndicate says:

    Awesome – I can’t wait to get started – We have a game a day at our hobbystore – when and where do I post my games ??