Control of Flamia Island

Jammed Up At Onza

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This was a game that was a showcase for Zayin’s profoundly bad luck.

The battle was fought at Onza Government Headquarters, using Nimbus Zone WIDER VERSION as the scenario. Presumably Aleph thought we were aliens and we were sick of Aleph pushing us around so we decided to sic a bunch of criminals on motorcycles on them.

The game was fairly close, at first, because I had few Regular orders to use so my specialists couldn’t do much. But my Kum were able to scream up the board behind a wall of smoke. I lost a few too his Asura, though, with her multispectral visor and multirifle (I think it was the Asura – I always forget how other armies work). His first turn was spent trying to regain his footing and bring a few of his Tacbots to the fore.

On the second turn, I discovered how amazing E/M ammunition and Jammers are. My Ghazi completely shut down his entire command structre – they Jammed his Tacbots, they Jammed his Sophotect, and they Jammed his Asura LT. They even managed to blast the Asura with their E/Marats, locking her down and totally wrapping up the game. His turn was spent wondering just where in the Hell all his soldiers were, since their comms went totally dead.

On the third turn, it was all over. I had a Hacker run around and download data packs and a single Doctor just kind of leaned on a console. Zayin was completely unable to resist.

A good game, but I hate seeing people roll consistently poorly. Now that I see how phenomenally hilarious E/Marats and Jammers are, though, I’m going to always take four Ghazi Muttawi’ah.

Pictures, in order:

A pack of bikers and their Ghazi pals just begging for Zayin to land a grenade.

The battlefield from above.

The battlefield from the side.

Team photo! In back: a squad of five Halqa. Middle: four Kum bikers, Zulayka, Zamira, and Kasym. In front: four Ghazi Muttawi’ah.

Jammed Up At OnzaJammed Up At OnzaJammed Up At OnzaJammed Up At Onza

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