Control of Flamia Island

Eviction Served

VS Nomads

Lt. Yana had them where she wanted them. No more running away now. Her team hadn’t been spotted yet but she had been holding the attack for minutes now. She didn’t want any non-combatants to get in they way. She didn’t want the docking bay number 52 to happen again.

It was this specific Nomad force that sabotaged the ship, Nacamara … a ship carrying civilians…. a ship piloted by her close friend. Elaina, who she considered her sister was starting up the corvette when it blew up. She was there and saw it all. The blast came from within tearing the ship outwards with a bright ball of flame. The lieutenant flew back a good three meters knocking the breath out of her as she slammed against a food stall. As she slowly tried to get up, she caught a glimpse of a Mobile brigada and alguacils leaving the scene through a alleyway to the right. She extended her finger towards them, directing the arriving security to the culprits.

Just as they were about to direct their attention to the Nomad force, bullets tore through their bodies. Enemy sniper fire coming from the building about 2 blocks away. The Nomad Unit headed by the Mobile Brigada fired as well hitting everything and anything. Lt. Yana dove back down flat into the ground. She could hear the bullets snapping past above her. A body fell on top of her. It was the lady tending the food stall she slammed into. Her dead face frozen in shock. It was a massacre.

Massacre was what she was going to serve to these space pirates. But she didn’t want any civilian casualties. All her bullet are meant for them and them only. Maybe after this, she can finally follow orders and pull out from this region…but not before she has evicted… no, eradicated these scum.

Eviction ServedEviction ServedEviction ServedEviction ServedEviction Served

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  • Terror says:

    Already replied to his email. Thanks.

  • MattGWright says:

    Hey Terror, if you get this Bostria is trying to get a hold of you. Try emailing BoW.

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Yes, the comics are awesome

  • Terror says:

    No one here cares for onza but me. Even the Yu jing guy is fighting at other places. Im one of the two vets in this game here which is only starting to pick up, so i give in to which mission they feel they are comfortable to fight in given that i already requested for Onza before.

  • Garak says:

    Awesome report as always.

  • John Tenzer says:

    Very well done, Commander. Now go on and finish the fight at ONZA…! 😉

  • Albalashun says:

    Loving these comic batreps. Thanks for all the effort.