Control of Flamia Island

Operation Backlight: Yu Jing Take The Transmitters

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VS Yu Jing

Acting Lt Ethan [REDACTED]

Deployment in the Onza Governmental Complex to prevent a Yu Jing force from taking control over a key transmission network.

NCA response team Alaris, with Hexas operatives “Louise” and “Gregory”, a Swiss Guard Infotech Specialist, Deva Lieutenant Matisse and Deva Hacker Olivia, deployed from our defensive positions outside Sagres at 17:00. Two Cerberus Corporation CSU’s joined us for combat operations while they secured an HVT who had been lost during the EI occupation of the facility.

As we approached the target a Yu Jing force advanced on us and NCA response team Alaris engaged. Our primary objective was to capture the transmission network and prevent them from being accessed by the enemy.

Central command assigned us the classified objectives of testing a new emergency medical system and use a modified version to deploy a nanotech tracking system to trace an enemy HVT in the combat zone, however our Doctor was killed before either could be completed.

The Imperial Service seize the initiative and advance into our prepared positions. Moving into deployed smoke the RuiShui engaged and killed Fusilier Sniper Blake before attempting the same with Fusilier Hunter David, who instead trashed the drone. The Celestial Guard link team then activated and their sniper wounded Fusilier Hunter David. The Su Jian then attempted to advance and was hit by our hacking team and immobilised. The enemy advance up the right flank with Kuang Shi and a KanRen, killing Deva Lieutenant Matisse, Trauma Doc Bernadette [REDACTED] and one of our supporting CSUs.

With the loss of Lieutenant Matisse I assumed command and attempted to arrange an effective response. Hexas Agent “Louise” came out of hidden deployment and killed the Celestial Guard sniper. Our supporting Swiss Guard Infotech Specialist advanced towards the center antenna and hit the Su Jian with Basilisk. Deva Hacker Olivia moved across to the right hand antenna, killing the Kanren and retaking the right antenna. Hexas Agent “Gregory” then came out of hidden deployment and killed the advanced Kuang Shi.

Redeploying the Celestial Guard killed Deva Hacker Olivia and then Kuang Shi push up and wound both Hexas Agents. Our supporting Swiss Guard Infotech Specialist repeated the attack locking down the Su Jian and then advanced into the mid field, taking out one Kuang Shi with shock ammunition and the IS EVO Hacking Device when it attempted to ARO against him, destroying its hacking device. He then took up a position near the center antenna.

The Kuang Shi advanced on the Swiss Guard, the second successfully taking him down. One more advances up the right flank and into a covered position near the antenna on the right flank. The Killer Hacking Ninja attempted to eliminate Fusilier Hacker Benjamin [REDACTED] but instead caught a critical case of blasted brain. Our remaining CSU pushed across the battlefield to re-capture the antenna on our right, but with limited resources left we were unable to capture the center objective and withdrew after retrieving the cubes of our fallen.

Deva Lieutenant Matisse, Deva Hacker Olivia, Fusilier Sniper Blake were killed. Hexas Agents “Louise” and “Gregory”, Trauma Doc Bernadette, Fusilier Hunter David, our supporting Swiss Guard Information Specialist one of our supporting CSUs were wounded.

Our force was broken and forced to withdraw from the combat zone, leaving it in the hands of the Imperial Service. No indication was found that the Yu Jing force completed any part of their larger plans within the area. Nevertheless, we request the deployment of Hexahedron agents to examine the scene to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

Operation Backlight: Yu Jing Take The TransmittersOperation Backlight: Yu Jing Take The TransmittersOperation Backlight: Yu Jing Take The TransmittersOperation Backlight: Yu Jing Take The TransmittersOperation Backlight: Yu Jing Take The TransmittersOperation Backlight: Yu Jing Take The Transmitters
Yu Jing

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  • Zenon Berg says:

    I’ve had enough battles stacked against me recently, but that’s of my own doing 😀
    Good to see you’re still defeatable though 😉

    Deus est cum nobis,
    -Col Hospitaller Zenon

  • Greg Corboy says:

    Yeah, that sure was a good demonstration of how tough this scenario can be on hackables.

  • Blair Renwick says:

    I’m still loling at the SuJian being locked down for the entire game! But that first few exchanges were pretty critical, the Admiral probably should have dropped his two Hexas out when they had shots. The Sniper could easily have made the RuiShui and Celestial exchanges turn for the worse for Yu Jing and the Killer Hacker might have taken out the Kuang Shi before they got to the Deva and complicated things for the Kanren.
    But losing the Lt AND the Doctor (with a handful of medical classifieds)?
    Yeah, I might have just conceded then.

  • Robert Berrill says:

    Heck yeah.

    Between 20 orders, close range build and favorable terrain it was going to be uphill from square one.

    But taking out your Lt and the only Doctor when you were holding two doctoring classifieds in the first turn was a killer.

    Sounds like you bounced back pretty well.

  • James Dumont says:

    I find it interesting looking at that table. At a glance it seems pretty open, but there are several paths from one side to the other with total cover the whole way. I was going to put money on it being the Yu Jing players setup, and checking on his report I see I am correct in that assumption. Its certainly a lot easier to push Kuangshi across as missiles with a mountain of orders and no AROs to stop them because they can be out of LoF ’till they get into chain rifle range.

  • Ethan McGinn says:

    I really need to get myself some Kuang Shi.
    Even 4 of them to help my Vanilla would help with that critical order advantage.

  • Anthony Trenwith says:

    Yeah, that really makes IS shine.
    Enough orders to push Kuang Shi up a table and enough terrain to get them to their targets without AROs?
    And then LoL in turn one!
    Had you run the list before? Was that Lt sniped out? Because if not that’s hilarious (and basically game-ending). I’m impressed at how you kept up the fight.

  • Blair Renwick says:

    Glad to see Vaulsc finally take you down with his Yu Jing.
    How did you find playing against 20 orders?