Control of Flamia Island

So Many Robots

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VS Haqqislam

There’s a hundred-fifty-point tournament dealie coming up on Sunday, so thepoorman and I thought we’d get in a little practice. I elected to take the most ALEPHey arrangement – three actual people and some Netrods.

We noticed there was one clear firing lane between our deployment zones, but we figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. We just wouldn’t go ‘sploiting it. I elected to go first, and my first turn was mostly my Naga Hacker running up and grabbing a supply thing. Following that, I noticed that we’d both put our lieutenants right on that firing lane, and LOL ensued as my Asura got a lucky shot at his missile-launcher-person. Thepoorman’s followup was mainly rearrangement and positioning around the other tech-coffins, and also a Yuan Yuan blowing up my Netrods.

In my second turn, I was hoping to have my Deva scootch forward to grab another coffin, but there were an awful lot of robots in the way. Not wanting to risk it, I spent my orders on having my Asura miss the Yuan Yuan at point-blank range. Thepoorman had her charge on his turn, resulting in an space-shiv fight that didn’t go well for him. One of his robots grabbed a supply box to tie the score.

I had to do something to secure a win, so I had my Deva dash forward while shooting at that HMG robot, but she just wound up dead. Thepoorman’s turn came down to a single die roll to determine whether the game would win or tie – and he won.

It was a very close game, and I think a fine end to my Operation: Flamestrike run!


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