Control of Flamia Island

Foie Gras Landing

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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam

Yu Jing deals the final blow to enemies of the State! Mighty troops armed with most sophisticated weapons known to humanity stands brave to the end!

Dao Fei Reconnaissance Unit have intercepted the Haqqislam cell operating inside PanOceania communication complex. Responding quickly to that unusual behavior of Qapu Khalqi operatives, the High Command decide to send the Black Ops team to investigate.

The Haqqislam set themselves defensively with Djanbazan Link Team covering the ground with Sniper Rifle, Sekban and Total Reaction Remote was set on the high ground for eventual support.

Japanese Sectorial Army aware of unfavorable terrain and bloodthirsty sharpshooters take the total cover behind the buildings and metal blockades. Only reckless Raiden Seibu Tai decide to stand in open ground to double check enemy movement. Ninja Black Ops infiltrate the
crucial positions and disappear inside the mist of mysteries.

Turn One:

The Haqqislam Lieutenant takes the bait of Japanese ulterior deployment and choose to strike first. Two Yuan Yuan jump impetuously into the heat of battle, first land near the beautiful but lethal Yuriko Oda, second one inside the islamic deployment near the Djanbazan Team. The one closer to Yu Jing positions covers himself in smoke and advance straight to Yuriko. Only luck and her hyperdynamic reflex saves her from the debris cloud shot from Chain Rifle.

Disgruntled mercenary unhappy with outcome of his shot decide to leave the stretchy engeneer alone and take his chances against the more rewarding target – the Karakuris! Unfortunately for Yuan Yuan, the smoke grenades didn’t provide enough protection against the Karakuri built-in Chain Rifle, leaving him bleeding to death. Second airborne trooper aware of his comrade death decide that supporting the armoured Djanbazan guarantee him more chances for survival. He throw the Smoke Grenade under the sniper legs to grant him advantage against
the Raidens. Completely helpless Raiden dies in horrible way from Heavy Machine Gun shoots. Another one decide to not risk his life and dug inside over.

Yu Jing phase starts with Yuriko Oda crawling to nearby antenna and activating it. Then, the last surviving Raiden Seibu Tai sacrifice himself trying to take the multispectral link with his final shot, but he only manage to kill the single one with his Rocket blast. Rest of orders was spent on relocating the Karakuris and Keisotsu Butai to more favorable positions, avoiding getting shot from the Sekban and Djanbazan.

Turn Two:

Qapu Khalqi satisfied with damage done move their al hawwas and capture the central transmitter, while the Djanbazan Hacker seize the nearby one. Yu Jing turn starts with Ninja appearing from nowhere and overcoming the Haqqislam Remote sensors with his advanced camouflage. Unluckily, after few arrows shot, the critical hit puts him straight to the unconsciousness. With no possession of any heavy weapons, the Yu Jing only chance was to reduce the distance between the the Karakuris and Haqqislam troopers. The al Hawwa hacker, knowing that face to face combat was not his strong side, execute several attempts to hack the nearby Karakuri but with no luck.

Turn Three:

Feeling being close to the victory, the Haqqislam decide to take the defensive positions and wait. That complacency leaves few spots in their defences. Knowing that there is no second place in this competition, the Karakuri expose themselves to the open ground and engage in combat all Haqqislam troops. Total Immunity grants them great survability against storm of armour piercing and flame shots. Fully absorbed in the heartless robots advance, not the single one Haqqislam solidier notice that behind them the Ninja Hacer is stealing their second antenna…

Sushi for the winners!

Foie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras LandingFoie Gras Landing
Yu Jing

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