Control of Flamia Island

To the Defense of Ozna!

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VS Combined Army
Ryguy Morat

The Combined Army’s surprise attack on O-12 Headquarters led to O-12 calling for whatever available forces they could muster to its defense. Lt Mohamed Al’Din heard the distress call and headed out with the handful of troops he could muster. Even though ALEPH had sided with Yu Jing and betrayed their neutral stance in the affairs of man, Haqqislam would be there to show them the way!

Ozna was in chaos as the Morat were already inside the base killing all they could find. Lt Mohamed quickly split his force into 3 to secure the main corridors to allow O-12 personal to flee. They could hear on the other side of the blast doors, skittering of little feet. The Morat had deployed their vile “Hungries” and they were coming straight for the Hassassin forces!

Lt. Mohamed ordered everyone to bunker down and hold the line. The doors opened and smoke billowed in along with the alien screeches of the Gakis. Lasiq opened fire with her Viral Rifle as the Ghazi backed her up with a Chain Rifle. Lt Mohamed couldnt see anything but he heard the screams and then quickly followed by an explosion in the room. When the smoke cleared, the Lasiq was dead and the Ghazi was dying and the room was covered with the bloody bits of Gakis and an Oznat.

The Morat launched a counterattack dropping the Ghazi on the left flank. Muyib Heather and her team advanced up the right flank but they were meet with withering fire from the Rodoks holding the intersection. Two of the Muyibs fell but the brave actions of Muyib Mohamed allowed the Hassassin to avenge their losses and kill the Rodoks. With no more movement to be seen or heard it appears that at least this part of Ozna had been cleared.

To the Defense of Ozna!To the Defense of Ozna!To the Defense of Ozna!To the Defense of Ozna!

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