Control of Flamia Island

The Karakuri Killers and the Haramaki Hit Squad

Yu Jing
VS Yu Jing
Roy Batty

This was the first of two battles between Roy Batty and I trying out the new HS N3 rules and the new civilian rescue scenario. Roy Batty wanted to try his Celestial Guard-kuang shi core/Hsien-Zhanying haris/Wu Ming duo list. I wanted to try my Haramaki-Domaru Core/Karakuri Haris.

The first turn started poorly for Roy Batty because he spaced out that my Haramaki had sixth sense 2 as part of a five many link. He tried to shoot my missile launcher through smoke with his Hsien HMG and I crit with my return fire so that was pretty harsh. The hsien went down to unconsciousness after failing two saves. That definitely put him on his back heels. Showing stoutness of spirit he didn’t give up, though, and tried to hit the haramaki with his Zahnying missile launcher. That went badly for him as well. Then he tried to take the haramaki on with his Wu Ming duo. He got his HRL within the short range band of one of my two Missile Launchers, but he was unfortunately drawing fire from the contender/blitzen I’d placed in a building window directly under the missile launcher (you can see my haramaki fortress building in one of the pix). Ultimately the haramaki killed the Wu Ming. At this point Roy Batty remembered his EVO hacker and moved it up in such a way that I couldn’t see/ARO it. He cursed himself for not thinking of it earlier because he ran out of orders before getting within hacking range of my force, which was almost all heavy infantry and so very vulnerable. He used his last order to reveal a ninja killer hacker who crit one of my karakuri with a tactical bow. Unfortunately for him, that only meant one wound since the karakuri has total immunity.

My turn began by shifting around my karakuri link so that my MK 12 could draw sight on his ninja. I killed it. Then I healed the wound off the combi rifle karakuri and moved the hooker bots out. I was able to draw line of fire on his EVO out of hacking range and took it out too (but I also ran fairy dust just to make extra sure). Then I coup de graced his EVO to achieve extreme prejudice (2 points). I repositioned my Karakuri in a defensive position.

Roy Batty’s second turn began with him in loss of lieutenant. That was fortunate for me because his Wu Ming could have gotten two of my karakuri in a shotgun blast if he had another order. Instead he couldn’t do much more than reposition.

On my second turn I engaged his Wu Ming boarding shotgun, which would have been really hard to take out with anything except for a karakuri with heavy shotgun: 3 burst and the same to hit odds gave me a big edge. Once his Wu Ming was cleared out I was able to break up my Haris link and start grabbing civilians. I synced one with my heavy shotgun and ran it all the way back to my deployment zone (4 points). I used an order from my second group as a coordinated order to move another karakuri in base to base contact with a civvie. I synced it with my last order and moved into the exclusion zone (1 point).

At this point Roy Batty was in retreat so the game ended when it reached his third turn. Thanks again for the fun game Roy Batty you got unlucky on that first turn! If you want to link reports the code is anYqBHur0lZLjRK.

The Karakuri Killers and the Haramaki Hit SquadThe Karakuri Killers and the Haramaki Hit SquadThe Karakuri Killers and the Haramaki Hit SquadThe Karakuri Killers and the Haramaki Hit SquadThe Karakuri Killers and the Haramaki Hit Squad
Yu Jing

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