Control of Flamia Island

William Wallace was stopped at Skillion Pass... JUSTICE DELIVERED! @Calabozocriollo

VS Ariadna

============Receiving Incomming Transmision ===============

Mt. Skillion Highlands, Sargav peak 1400h
Father Knight Luisjoey of the Santiago de Leon Order

“Atop Mt Skillion we find victory over the Caledonia Atek menace passing to Sagres, we intercepted their passway toward the Orbital Tracking Station, were they caused havok and turmoil on our operations against combined armies… we made a clease operation that free the path for our nisse troops and will give some relief to our troops on sagres from atek savage attacks”

Turn 1

Panoceania Seize initiative and start shooting on everything on sight, this it´s a PANOCEANIA location so any trespasser will be shot down, Joan of Arc start shooting on the dangerous hidden sniper cateran, Brother Valiant shoot his spitfire on the western sniper, then Brother Cordelio appears from the western flank shooting his pump shootgun on the deceitful highlanders that were awaiting their moment to reckless charge, Sniper SO. Orodas appeared from TO Camo shooting on the enemy tractor mul and pinning enemy troops. Brother Konstantinos take advantage toward the mountain terrain and place a charge on a vulnerable enemy location to create a bigger distraction.

Highlanders reduced in numbers did strike back, wounding joan of arc with illegal T2 Ammo, and destroying one of our Fugazi dronbot, the highlanders advance with madness but the TO Sniper did won his recomendation for one shoot one kill merit. William wallace advanced toward the mid thowing smoke grenades covering his fellow comrades advance and position

Turn 2

Joan of arc wounds were attended by remote pal bot, to start shooting against enemy sniper and support troops, also dealing out with enemy hacker….. ATEK have a hacker!…. surely illegal supportware given by the imperial state or other smuggler that brought them here…. Konstantinos made an advance shooting out his Assault pistol on uxia specialist and then on a uncovered by sensor SAS; but he felt to enemy illegal Chainrifle salvo. Joan of Arc entered the location where william wallace was, killing him outright once for all, claiming for herself the prize over his head, that filthy conscript will be no more trouble. Sniper TO did manage to end with enemy loose ends while the brother valiant dealt with the other tractor mul with the Uraghan illegal artilery weaponry, Pathfinder dronebot and minelayer SO T. Cameron moved to hold the consoles for the hyperpower, claiming supremacy on this sector once for all to track any resistance.

Father Knight Luisjoey “We claim supremacy on this path, and stop enemy atek activity, we shall inquire on how they get here, what are their intention and why they are using hacking technology we find in cantonese kanji infoware…. since they have no cube we cant make posthumost Nmemory extraction but we can claim the prize for the head on the rogue William Wallace.”

William Wallace was stopped at Skillion Pass... JUSTICE DELIVERED! @CalabozocriolloWilliam Wallace was stopped at Skillion Pass... JUSTICE DELIVERED! @Calabozocriollo

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